Yes, Barbara Duffy is running to retain her seat, and will be in Tallahassee tomorrow morning to straighten out the paperwork to convert her current “Active” designation to “Qualified.”

She’s likely to see Alex Arreaza and possibly other Broward people on the flight up …

Pete Holden will be covering Duffy’s docket Friday.

5 thoughts on “DUFFY UPDATE”

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    Duffy the duffis. Can’t even get her paperwork filed correctly. Someone needs to jump in this one.

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      Typically demonstrative of the stupidity rampant within our judiciary where these government stooges can’t find their own fat asses without a map !

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    The paperwork consists of about 3 pages agreeing you’ve read the ethics rules & a check for 6k or something. The people @ bcse are so nice they’d have run it over to her.

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    Get it together Barb. We can’t afford to be without you with as many bad judges as we have here in Broward !!!

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