Are You A Racist? – of course you’re not, but what are you doing to combat institutional racism in the criminal justice system?  The three photos above were taken in three different courtrooms this morning, and could have been duplicated in many others if time had allowed.  Unfortunately, the same scene plays out all over the felony divisions on a daily basis, as the failed War on Drugs and attendant collateral effects continue to take their toll unabated in Broward and elsewhere across Florida.

There is hope, however.  For the first time a former public defender is president of the Florida Bar, Michelle Suskauer.  Mutual friends have told us she’s a dedicated and caring practitioner, and she has taken unprecedented steps to lead the Bar in the right direction on criminal justice reform.  Read her “A Hard Look At Our Criminal Justice System” and a report on “The inaugural Florida Bar Criminal Justice Summit“, commenced under Suskauer’s leadership, a great first step.

Our concern, however, is a familiar one to anyone who has been reading around here since 2006.  We don’t see any mention in the report or in her address of the driving problems of selective enforcement and other components of institutional racism that plague the system, and since we weren’t at the Summit, sent this email off to Suskauer earlier today:

 “I am writing to inquire as to the steps you and the Bar have taken in regards to criminal justice reform. I have reviewed what is available online regarding a recent symposium, but am not aware if institutional racism, selective enforcement of the laws, overrepresention of minorities in the system, and racial disparity of sentencing of minorities has been addressed or is to be addressed at later dates.  Please detail what has been discussed or is to be discussed at future symposiums and meetings to combat the above referenced problems and others along those lines addressed in scholarship by Michelle Alexander (“The New Jim Crow“) and others.”
Michelle, for her part, was quick to reply that she has forwarded the email to the Bar’s “communications department” for a response, which we’ll post upon arrival.  It’s hoped the driving issues underpinning the mass incarceration epidemic were indeed discussed and prioritized, but if not, that dialogue can surely be started under Suskauer’s leadership …
Disrespectful! Disrespectful! – the photo above is from this afternoon’s robing, where maybe a few more judges decided to turn up then were at the last one we documented.  Is it a respect problem, or something bigger?  Jack Tuter seems to think it’s the former, as seen in the email below that he sent around earlier this week, although at this point it’s getting hard to tell exactly what’s going on with the judiciary …
Waiting on transcriptsMike Glasser reports his situation with Barbara McCarthy was resolved yesterday to the benefit of his client, although some interesting things were reportedly said on the record.  We’ll let you know as soon as the transcripts from that hearing, and from the service dog situation, arrive …

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    1. 15


      Likely not.
      But it is the end product of singled mom’s.
      The social workers chased mama’s baby daddy away to increase the slush funds for the legal industries.

      If conspiracy theorists really knew anything about Jewish history and the Frankfurt School, they’d bring up Walter Benjamin – and his admitted interest in the Gnostic Sabbatian-Frankist heresies coded within The Florida bar.

      Cultural Marxism is just the best descriptive word for the Jewish promoted mentality of constantly dividing the gentiles into categories of oppressor & victim – with their preferred remedy always being “equalize, equalize, equalize”.. We know very well how this process does nothing except undermine the effectiveness of our civilizational systems, destroying the foundation for success. Their anti-meritocratic attitudes show how their kind are not interested in truth, justice & progress, but rather to destroy, pervert and downgrade that which is functional.

        1. 7


          Those DNC meets are off limits to non Democrats.
          Founded in 1866, the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) extended into almost every southern state by 1870 and became a vehicle for white southern resistance to the Republican Party’s Reconstruction-era policies …

    2. 14


      Sentencing disparities you say? Well all anybody has to do is talk to Tom Lynch and ask him why he found it so important to sentence blacks almost twice as much as he did white people.

      Was it racism Tom? Or as you say maybe it’s just because you’re color blind as you told the reporters, or maybe blame it on the prosecutors, or maybe ‘I was just too busy with my water sports Hobbies’ to care about who I was sentencing.

  1. 21


    You are not going to go home to yo mammy for fried chicken and watermelon. I’ll make a jail sentence 719% longer than for a white defendant charged with the same crime.

  2. 8


    Dennis Bailey and Barbara McCarthy have been launching people, disrespecting defense lawyers, doing the State’s bidding, failing to grasp basic legal concepts, and abusing their positions for way too long. Whether it’s Tuter finally doing something, or the voters, or the JQC, I can’t foresee such behavior being tolerated much longer; any other job they would’ve been fired.

  3. 9


    Dennis Bailey and Barbara McCarthy have been launching people, disrespecting defense lawyers, doing the State’s bidding, failing to grasp basic legal concepts, and abusing their positions for way too long. Whether it’s Tuter finally doing something, or the voters, or the JQC, I can’t foresee such behavior being tolerated much longer; any other job they would’ve been fired by now!

  4. 9


    Perhaps we should take a poll: Which Judge violates the Judicial Canons the most?

    A) Dennis Bailey

    B) Barbara McCarthy

    Please go ahead. Comment below. Bonus points if you support your answer with details.

    1. 5


      Bonus if you sign your real name and risk a Bar complaint for exposing a valid problem in the judiciary.

  5. 5


    Somebody should remind Tuter that respect is earned …
    As far as I’m concerned, Tuter has done absolutely nothing to improve the situation among Broward Judges but make it worse,

  6. 5


    You can bet the near nonexistent show on behalf of Broward judges for the robing ceremony had nothing to do with any of their work schedules.
    Broward judges continue to be some of the most poorly performing judges in the State.

    1. 3


      Time for another JAAB walk to see which of our judges are actually on the bench. Plenty of empty courtrooms have reached epidemic proportions around here.

    1. 5


      Woosey Suzie brought her dog with her everywhere. That’s why it’s called a special needs dog 🐕 !
      Ask Whiney what he thinks about it when he’s not hunting for doughnuts 🍩

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    Chief’s idea to make these events one new Judge at a time was a bad one. Nobody cares to begin with so why wouldn’t he go with the safety in numbers way it used to be done to ensure the optics are correct? Seriously, Chief is past it. He’s Weinstein redux and needs to make way. His buddy Scherer isn’t looking too good either.

  8. 7


    Why would any judges attend a robing ceremony? They don’t care about anyone but themselves. Tuter is a bigger stooge than I thought if he thinks a show of solidarity except in dire circumstances like a Broward judge screwing up big time again would be cause them to circle the wagons because they think they’re all being mistreated.

    1. 6


      Interesting that Ruby Doo only supports black people issues…why so afraid to let white voters see you?

      Hey keep up the good work splitting the racist (black-only) vote between yourself and Gordon. The other candidates are counting on you to chip away at the racist Black vote.

      1. 3


        Ruby Doo is gonna turn into another Brenda Forman with some tude directed to the nearest dude. That’s not breaking news for Gordo who’s already over his head.

  9. 4



  10. 7


    3 MORE WEEKS FOLKS. Mark your calendars! JUNE 5 at 9:00am:

    Live stream! The whole courthouse will stop to watch, courtrooms will be empty, they shouldn’t even bother setting hearings that morning.

    1. 4


      Why do private lawyers get served first, and PD /ProSe last.

      Not following the arrival orders is equivalent to justice delayed.

      Equal Access Under The Law! See 6th and 14.

        1. 3


          Forbidding equal access to the court is unruly.
          A judge is suppose to keep order.

          I had to wait hrs. to fight a ticket, because I was not a member of a privately funded fraternal Org.
          Where’s the separation of powers?
          Private Guilds, “and” extension of the SC?

          Define fascism. Define domestic terror.
          This was never ratified by the voters in Florida.

          When did the voters decide to give all of their rights, to a “private corporation?
          We’re a nation of laws, not royalty. What happened?

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    until prosecutorial misconduct defined in Bar Rule 4 in enacted into the felony statutes like Calif. did in 2016, and prosecuted and punished, criminal justice reform in Florida will not come about is any meaningful way.

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