A telephonic status conference was held this afternoon at 4:00 PM in JQC v. Hawkins.

Here’s the update:

The JQC is standing on its Notice of Formal Charges, offering no amendments at this time.

Trial will be in the Broward County Courthouse either January 7th-8th, the week of January 20th, or February 13th-14th.

The litigants are available those days, but witnesses and JQC Commissioners need to be coordinated.  The JQC currently has a regularly scheduled meeting January 9th and 10th, possibly complicating a trial shortly after the New Year.

Witness Lists and exhibits from both sides are due December 2nd, with a twenty day window following for objections, etc.

Hawkins’ attorney David Bogenschutz anticipates “probably” asking for more than the usually allowed three character witness, while acknowledging the number of character witnesses at some point becomes “superfluous“.

The JQC website, linked above, should update shortly …

29 thoughts on “HAWKINS UPDATE”

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      Bogenschutz must be getting a little old by now to still be sucking eggs as hard as he does. His past track record with Broward Judges make him less and less the effective champion of Rogue Judges you’d think.
      Things must be tight living off of Gardiner’s pension …

      1. 5


        Don’t flatter yourself, a whole lotta guys were doing her. You were definatley one of many many guys doing her every which way possible. She liked to SPREAD the love.

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      If Brenda gets her a 12.980 to fill, and staple it to a fake police report, (not on file anywhere), Hawkins will have a bull dyke bailiff, with toned bicep’s, hand her Kleenex as her crying cue.

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    Broward judges just don’t get when to throw in the towel. Like Hawkins. We’ve seen it before, particularly of female shrews that think its owed to them and then find they are way over their heads because they are airheads to begin with, and then want to squeal like they are being discriminated against.
    And of course there’s always Bogenpoop that represents them like its some badge of honor to advocate for a lowlife that should have never sat on the bench to begin with, let alone carry on like banshees in heat when something doesnt go their way.
    Not much doubt about the way this trial before the JQC is going to go, but Bogenpoop likes putting on the dog so he’ll continue being known as the go-to twit that all the crummy judges fawn over when they find their heads stuck so far up their own asses that they need a backhoe to yank it out.
    It’s becoming so farcical here in Broward with these errant judges that Bogenpoop looks possibly like the biggest clown of all for playing the role of Court Jester every time one of them barks.
    Hawkins should resign and Bogenpoop go back to the retirement home.
    Ana Banana is there to comfort him in his golden years. God help the guy.

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    The only thing missing from the Judge Vagina Hawkins saga is the tartar sauce!
    They should require all Broward Judges to take a IQ test before taking the bench.

    1. 0


      If they gave an IQ test and actually cabined out the ones that are smart and successful (the actual “public servants”/// there’s about 20 of them) and made a law about the low IQ ones who probably failed the bar exam at least once and are only looking for a pay raise and pension (hello little daddy’s girl and others) and that law kept them off the bench because of not testing high enough on IQ to sit in judgement of others, then who would fill the void? Like most successful lawyers will work for chicken feed. Not. So then what? Then no IQ test like now again . That’s what. They have to move the dockets. It’s a stupid idea. IQ test. Impossible.

  3. 5


    Appointments are meant to serve covert needs and concerns.
    I.Q. not always withstanding with the true intentions.
    The appointed with detectable IQ’s, are generally put in place as a favor/ for nefarious controls with unseen puppet masters.

    Its all about politics and power.
    The Bill of Rights takes a back seat to truth and justice.

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