We’re told Gina Hawkins is out of the Family division, reportedly replaced by Frank Ledee.

Hawkins’ JA would not confirm whether or not her judge was still in Family, and directed us to Jack Tuter’s office.  Ledee’s JA didn’t pick up when called.

All of this follows the June 13 JAABLOG post It’s Absolute Nonsense!

Is the rumored reassignment somehow connected?

Stay tuned … mainstream media is chasing the story as we speak.

(Thanks, as always, to tipsters and commenters)

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    Clerk or Judge? Supervisor of Elections or Sheriff?
    So many opportunities.

    I am adding Hawkins and Ledee to the long list of appointed judges that I might challenge.

    Whatever I decide, remember
    Restore honor and integrity to the Judiciary, Clerk, Supervisor or Sheriff and VOTE RICHARD BRIAN-KAPLAN.

    1. 2


      Kappy is leaving the democrat party
      and voting for Trump and all republicans

        1. 2



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    Anyone got any opinions on Terri-Ann Miller’s procedure in little county court traffic criminal? She pleas all these unrepped people & gives a little speech. Then gives em bad deals. They don’t actually plea. No deal. Guess if they don’t do it she changes it around.. gives em another month or week or whatever she feels like. While paperwork says these folks waived speedy trial, they never hear about that & some are 16 (traffic court). Second showing she gathers em all up for sentencing and says “everyone here that did your sentences is sentenced to the “plea” you took.” Personally I don’t care but I heard a play by play.., There’s a SAO who tells people to “talk to the judge” about offers or anything. Weird place. Felt like I was in the twilight zone. In her intro she tells these broke people…”if you don’t plea” I’m paraphrasing “you’ll go to the main courthouse if hail possible.” Idk. I talked to a lot of em after and they said they pled because they thought they’d get jail time. Also don’t see how it’s a plea. And monies sign “rights waivers.” I don’t see why cops don’t just carry those. Seems to me anyone in that court better transfer it if possible. Anyone know if she punished those who go to trial? (Can’t give em jail… but idk what she does.) Any answers just give me a personal experience or an opinion. Not “they need lawyers” …not really. Not if the whole routine is wrong to begin with. And not saying it is just seen lot of criminal courts. And she’s not friendly to most of the people. In my opinion. Kind of lords over them unnecessarily. It’s traffic court. She acts like she’s doing murder cases.

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    If I was her I’d just take some personal time and let all the gossips tire themselves out with pointless talk.

  4. 14


    She’s only been a Judge a few months and she’s already choking it up? How hard is this job?

  5. 5


    Crank it down ! This is one Lazarus you don’t want to resurrect. Let flea ridden sleeping dogs lye.
    He’s a schlep that’s sucked his last shekel from the bag of coin.

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    When Spechler had his alleged bumping incident with Tobin, Tobin banned him from the Courthouse. Why is that not happening here?

    1. 10


      That was with Piggy Gehl. Sprinkles messed with the wrong people. He was used to being covered by Boss Hog Ross, but Boss Hog had lost his place in the judicial hierarchy after he lost to Tobin for CJ. He never forgave Slippery Daddy Back for betraying him. Lynchworm was in on the act too.
      Scuzzy little players for a chunk of change and some perceived power play left a new administration with some balls and no respect for the losers.
      That’s where Sprinks got the nickname Beatfeet …
      Sued to get his job back as a county clown, but the die was cast. He lost his bid to get back on the gravey train for good. Hence the bad blood between Sprinks and Lynchworm with Tobin left at the helm to scrape the floor with the rest of the suckers.
      Now Sprinks rides the bus. Never as tough as he thought he was.

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        I caught this JAAB thread on 8ch.net.
        Just how many turds are floating around the 17th’s cesspool?
        My grandparents need protection from the the contractors, to preserve a future estate.

        Is it possible to track cases, and players in Florida through the clerks offices? i.e., experts, judges and lawyers so that these conflicts can be obtained, prior to hiring an attorney?

        Who works with who, and how is a regular person to know?

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    Damn blog is always unmasking the judicial problems to the legit press. No wonder they want ip’s.

  8. 4


    New nickname for the heir apparents…
    Gordonell, as in, it is going to be a long year for Gordonell

  9. 4


    A vote for Gordonell is a vote for MJS. Send MJS to the retirement home. Nobody wants him in the office adjacent to a puppet pulling strings.

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    Another Broward judge goes down the toilet? Would like to know what really happened, but all you’ll get from the perp is a bunch of BS. Even less from the head twerp that’s supposed to be keeping an eye 👁 on these jokers.
    What does the Chief Judge of this circuit actually do but make excuses for these idiots in black ?
    Of course the Scum Sentinel link doesn’t work so we cant get the sanitized version either !

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      They were demanding info while there’s an ongoing investigations.

      Dirty tricks by the elites…

      Trust Tony…

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    Thank you for posting this clip. Very, very helpful.
    Cue 01:20-01:35.
    Proof that the self-proclaimed intellectual elites abuse their power by shutting down straight forward speech.
    Tony has the correct epistemology for the monumental tasks at hand. Broward needs him.

    Trust Tony… He’s exactly what we need.

    Epistemology is key.

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    Tony will be attacked because he does not represent that status quo.

    This guy did.

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    rosenthal gets arrested and is moved to foreclosure division
    same for imperato
    judge hawkins gets in hot water and is moved to foreclosure division
    FC division is very busy and requires a clear head ; or at least a judge who has some experience in civil; Judge Ledee is the exception to the rule, terrific, focused , very smart; why do people who are in danger of becoming homeless get the judges who have unusual problems?

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    This would not come as a surprise to me. I saw her literally peel out, squealing tires out of the parking garage one evening obviously extremely upset about something. Her demeanor leaves something to be desired having seen her working in DV years ago.

    1. 3


      Acute Manic Entitled? Chem Imbalanced?
      That’s a virus started with The Florida Bar and women’s groups.

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    Date: July 1, 2019

    Transparency and accountability are priorities to Sheriff Gregory Tony. This flow chart details the steps in the Broward Sheriff’s Office Internal Affairs investigation process.

    “In an effort to provide further transparency about our Internal Affairs investigative process, I’d like to offer this flow chart to the community and media for better clarity,” Sheriff Tony said.

    Also former sheriff Scott Israel announced today he is running in 2020.

    1. 2


      Gov officials only use flow charts for proposals. (slush funds)
      Tony’s using them for clarity for all in a user friendly manor.
      Restoration of The Rule of Law, and Honor….
      Keep up the filtration’s, and tight ops.
      Go Tony Go!!! 2020!!!!! Winning!!!!

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    What no one is saying, is what they stand for.
    How useless is that?
    Sort of odd considering all brag about transparencies.
    Also shows much contempt for the thinking public.

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    Apparently no one else in the SAO is competent to run the office so Mike Satz has to keep his department heads on for infinity. What does that say about his heir apparent Sarahnell? Guess he really doesn’t have confidence in her either!

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