Jury Box, side view with dividers between the individual jurors/inmates …
Court staff with “The Owl,” a super sensitive listening device for Zoom and record purposes …
APD Nawal Bashimam, today before the first hearing litigated in-person to evidentiary findings in Broward since the shut-downs. Notice the telephone, the only way counsel is allowed to speak with an in-custody client. Inmates are sequestered in the jury box, and attorney’s may not approach. The judge said it’s because BSO doesn’t want inmates being infected by outside people, potentially causing an outbreak in the jail …
Inmate phone extension in the jury box …

(County courtrooms outfitted for misdemeanor, out of custody jury trials set to commence next week, were locked and unavailable for inspection this morning)

21 thoughts on “JAABCAM (FVOP-19 EDITION)”

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    Where is all the bottles of hand sanitizer & disinfectant wipes? If there are any in that courtroom, then how easy are they to find & regularly use during the course of these hearings?

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    I’ve got to hit the john unless they install a porta-potty …
    Those enchiladas can be murder

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    Anything that shields members of the public from the Broward Judges is a good thing.

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      I agree. BACDL/Mr. Weekes should lawyer this to the Supreme Court. This method of Atty/Client interaction is NOT Constitutional.

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    Allright now tell the Jury the real shooter was on the grassy knoll right behind where they said I was standing

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    I can’t believe my Lawyer won’t take my call when I can see her sitting right there in front of me reading a magazine

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    Hate to break it to a clueless chief judge, but nobody’s going to show for jury duty in a circuit that resembles a clown show of incompetence.

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