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    State I’m overruling your objections and granting my motions to release my client and awarding myself costs and fees

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      “When her son, 31-year-old Justin Haynes, was arrested by the Tallahassee Police Department in June 2019 after he was accused of shooting a woman through a closed door, Hobbs told police she was representing him, according to JQC investigators.”


      This isn’t mother’s poor little delinquent. He’s a 31-year-old adult screw-up. And if you read the JQC complaint, sounds like he had plenty prior run-ins with the law before he shot somebody through a door.

      Also, when it comes to actual minors, we know cops keep the parents separated from them all the time and play fast and loose with whatever the rule is about questioning minor suspects. And judges mostly don’t care.

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    I am seeking these listed items that were not turned over to me in Discovery and any further delays may result in my dismissing all charges against my client

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    You guys have to read the whole thing. There are more allegations way more egregious than the excerpt here. Holy shit.

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      most are lawyers, for crying out loud—you can’t expect any of them to do such a tedious task as to diligently and intelligently informed before they speak or comment. They way they act and treat themselves says a whole lot about what can be expected when they represent their clients, too.

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    “your son allegedly shot a female acquaintance
    multiple times through a closed door”

    Oh, so her son fancies himself to be the Florida Oscar Pistorius?

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