18 thoughts on “JUDICIAL LOSS”

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    Heard she’d been sick for a long time. Sorry to hear she lost the battle. Nice lady and good judge.

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    A sad start to 2023, she was an amazing woman and raised an equally amazing daughter. My heart breaks for the family

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    Truly upsetting news. I knew Linda before she was even a lawyer. She worked her way through college and law school, and at the same time raised a family. A very inspiring person. I appeared in front of her several times, when she was on the family bench. Family lawyers will understand this: she got it. This is a significant loss for our court and this legal community, she will be missed.

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    Was she vaccinated? Sadly, many who got it are getting ill like this. Even asking questions about the Bills player now and when he was vaxx.

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    Was always kind and understanding. She will certainly be missed. If we only had more judges like her in Broward.

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    Devastating news. What an incredible woman and a force. She fought hard and left behind two amazing children. This is a huge loss for the community and her family and I know she will be missed.

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    Oh Scott – no reason to post your name (brown noser / trying to display your virtuousness to others)

    Put a sock in it, and stay anonymous in something like this. It’s not about YOU .

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      Actually, everyone should post their names. It’s those that don’t that are the real losers.

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          That’s exactly the point. I’m a loser just like you. Posting on a Friday night or Saturday morning with a bunch of morons who don’t have a life.

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