8 thoughts on “JUMP!”

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    Why would she switch from a race with two men into a two female race? She had the other one on lock. It seems that whomever is advising her have her some bad advice.

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      But it’s Padowitz and Gina. Yes Gina may have issues and Padowitz might not be “likable” as you say. You know how many voters know this or will find this out? HARDLY ANY. Especially with zero campaigning. It is going to come down to name and sex. She was a sure winner in the other race. This one not so much. I think it was a dumb move. She wins for sure in a race against two men.

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        Its not exactly like it will be known as the battle of the Titans. More like Battle of the Bimbos.

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    The only advice she takes is mine. We just need to pad the ole Padowitz brand for a new style of bagel dog delivered to your door in these days of social distancing.
    Rothstein for all he scammed under the noses of Broward Judges didn’t pay very much. So as a consequence the little wifey’s got to pull her own weight and pad our retirement nest egg by becoming a Broward Judge.
    Besides, Everybody else is doing it and Padowitz is a name that will play well with the old bags in the condos.
    She’s earned it.

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