Kimok v. Satz

Former ASA and current defense attorney serving in Major Crimes for OCCRC Joe Kimok has filed for State Attorney in 2020 …

40 thoughts on “Kimok v. Satz”

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        Run and win, everyone loves you. Run and lose, all you have is campaign debt and ridicule on the blog. Politics is tough, nasty business.

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        Child Trafficking…. (c-Epstein)
        Defense and Confidential Informant.
        Not good.
        Running would increase deeper investigations.
        Also not good.

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    It’s obvious every cop, prosecutor, lawyer and judge will vote for Joe.
    Does he get any other votes though?

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        BACDL is currently in panick mode trying to come up with something innocuous sounding that will still screw Kimok and Williams and help their master Michael J Satz.

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    Will this young man commit to serving for at least the next 42 years as Mike has done since 1976 and will gladly do again?

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    Saranell Murphy will be running for Broward County State Attorney and she WILL defeat the old dinosaur Mike Satz. Vote Saranell Murphy for State Attorney, A change for the future.

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      Har har like anybody in that Office would stand up and do the right thing after 50 years of garbage.

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    Kaplan above Kimok and Satz…

    Restore honor and integrity to the SAO.
    Vote RICHARD BRIAN KAPLAN – ensuring liberty and incompetence fo all.

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    Ruby ain’t gonna buy the condo geezers very many tubes of Polident for 5 bucks a shot. Better stick to the same MO as Weekes which means you’re down on your knees a lot! Lol
    Hey, its better than having a caseload …

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    Can I have a job at the ORCC? None of the attorneys that work there are very good or respected, but it’s more than they could ever dream to make in private practice and it’s only apart time job since the entire office is always out campaigning or running for something. Donohoe, Kaplan, Heise, Peterson and now Kimok. Sign me up so I can do even less than a PD supervisor!

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    What kind of a name is Kimok anyway? I wonder if it sounds arab? I like to run against minority sounding names…
    So many hard choices. Enter the crowded PD race? Run against another ORCC loser for SAO? Run against Brenda – (I always say if you can’t run against a moslem, run against a black – easy pickings in Broward). Or maybe another run for Judge – so many appointees up in 2020.

    No matter what, 2020 will be the year of the name game champ.

    Vote RICHARD BRIAN KAPLAN and ensure liberty and delusional behavior for all.

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    Maybe Joe can convince people at long last that it’s time for a change … Both Satz and Finkelstein are dinosaurs 🦖

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    Has anyone noticed that the starting average salary for lawyers these days both in the public and private sector is the same as a county bus driver?

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    Thats why all the Gov. Gophers want to be Broward Judges. It represents a huge raise in pay and you dont have to do much. The only possible complication might be to at some later point have to have your head removed from your azz.

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    Kimok is a poor choice for SA. Very unfriendly and full of himself. Thinks he knows everything. We don’t need a SA with a serious bad tude.
    Why does the OCCRC attract so many losers?

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