Dennis Bailey attending a meeting of the Canvassing Board on November 5th …

Dennis Bailey is fighting for his political life, as the manual recount set last week by the Canvassing Board in Odom v. Bailey commences tomorrow.

Will Friday the 13th turn out to be Bailey’s lucky day? Or is the current 1,216 vote lead in favor of George Odom simply too much to overcome?

Wait and see …

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    There is a lot of talk lately thst Pryor is not the change he campaigned as being. Unfortunately I am starting to believe that to be true. Will he clean house? Well for starters he is bringing back Satz and Holmes. So I don’t have high expectations.

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    The voters will remember Pryor screaming change on campaign trail if he keeps more of the same once in office. Satz is retiring because he doesn’t want to work. If he wanted to stay he would have ran and won.

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    It’s too bad Judge Bailey wasn’t wearing that mask at the trial with Gus. Maybe he would have kept all those terrible statements in his mouth if he had. Then the Jqc wouldn’t have damaged him. Then he wouldn’t have gotten an opponent. Then he would still have a job. See. Masks are good.

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      Gus is definitely a hero. Considering how close this judicial election is, if Dennis gets ousted its because of Gus. Let’s not forget all that Dennis Bailey has done:

      He maxed people simply for going to trial.

      He was unfair and unjust.

      He treated defense attorneys like trash while always favoring the state.

      He was heartless and lacked empathy for the defendants who appeared before him.

      He threatened defense lawyers, bullied people for bringing a service dog, and openly assisted the prosecution at trial.

      Hopefully if he loses he reflects on everything he did and comes to the realization that more evil than good came from his presence on the bench.

      Hopefully someday he seeks forgiveness from the good Lord for the things he did.

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    Bailey is no big loss. Maybe some of these other worthless Broward judges will take notice now that they’re not as untouchable as they think they are. We could stand to lose a few more.

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    All Judges should recognize who they work for (everybody) and not be disrespectful to clerks and lawyers in the courtroom who pay the taxes to pay their judicial salaries. Then they don’t have to pray for their jobs every 6 years (please don’t run against me) and sit sweating a ballot counting day to keep their low-pay job. Better yet get a job or start a business that contributes to America’s economy and not be a drag on the system ok?

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    I would welcome another 16 years of Donald Trump than Judge Bailey pounding gavels extra hard after an election victory. Mr. Oodom please win it.

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    Since “Bailey” got crushed in August, when is the other one up? A Black Female could walk into this. Broward needs a representative Bench.

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      I bet a certain Black lawyer that was thinking of running against Tuter is sorry now for not going for it. All Broward Judges need opponents. Every time.

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      Judge Dennis Bailey may be a big nobody again after tomorrow. I hope Broward Judges are paying attention. It’s time to treat everyone with respect. All Broward Judges could lose at the polls . Even the Judge’s who got it because they were related to someone that mattered. Nobody cares who Daddy was anymore. Richard Kaplan was almost a Judge too. That was a close one. These Judges are all all a few votes away from being defrocked. Maybe they should try helping out instead of making a tough job harder for no reason at all.

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    Judges often made less money before they were Judges. Why award low earners who have the free time to campaign or join the Federalist Society gabfest circuit?

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      I don’t agree with everything here, but out of 100 members of the judiciary, I would agree/wager that 85-90 of them received large payraises upon elevation to the bench.

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        The pay should be either raised to $350,000 to attract better lawyers, or cut to $30,000 to attract true public servants who have made a success of themselves and are truly giving back to the community.

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    Bpack Judges are often stinkers like Judge Holmes was but at least the people targeted by the system feel invested in the process when it’s one of their own doing it to them.

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    Wait until BLM is destroyed by phony Black leadership but who cares a bitter pill is easier to swallow when one recognizes the hand shoving it down their throat.

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    Judge Tuter can you protect the Judges who aren’t Black? Moving Bailey didn’t seem to help like when McCarthy got moved for the election. Is there a plan?

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    It’s like when one goes to the dentist and takes a giant dose of nitrous oxide and realizes how some people are petty tyrants only because they’re miserable human beings who hate themselves or their freakshow parents and who couldn’t lead a pig out of a slaughterhouse and spend all the time in precious life making everything difficult for normal people because of the massive inferiority complexes that drove them to crave fake power in the first place?

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    You’re right. Let’s close it all down for decades and live in a vacuum. The fed can print funny Monopoly money, and we can get our soup rations from food czar AOC. And Ice cream for queen Pelosi.

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    Broward Judges are awakening to a new era where the condos and the Crooked JNC doesn’t dictate whom the county’s judicial overlords will be. The time is for all Broward Judges to face challenges at the polls for all the people to decide who wears the judicial crown. For too long the Republican minority or the old gasbags at the condos have decided the fates of a population that was not represented on the Bench and that was and is the majority of the citizenry of Broward County. Broward Judges that want to be rude and lazy can get the challenge first. They will lose and if they don’t they will still have to spend their precious money and will learn a lesson in the process for the betterment of all people everywhere.

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