*UPDATE* – SS: Inmate held on sex assault charges is attacked in Broward courtroom

Defendant/Alleged Victim

A little after 10:00 AM this morning in courtroom 5780 (Hunter Davis, presiding), the above inmate, Jorge Arias, was allegedly attacked by a man possibly related to the purported victim in the very serious pending sexual battery charges against him.

By all accounts BSO Deputy Latanya Phillips, pictured below, deftly controlled the situation before the cavalry arrived, but we’re told any media outlets with the time to pull the courtroom video will not be disappointed.

As of this post, the individual accused of the attack is still being processed by BSO …

COMING SOONElection Fun!


14 thoughts on “MEDIA ALERT”

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    It’s nice to finally see someone at BSO do a great job in the courtroom. Kudos!

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    I agree. Thankfully the days of running a travel agency while Rome is burning are long gone.

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    To hear McNeil in the Cruz case refer to the perpetrator of one of the worst mass killings in Broward County as a “Trick Baby” in an effort to gain sympathy from the jury and spare the guy’s life is possibly one of the most outrageous utterances from a thoroughly talentless attorney in Broward’s History. And that’s really saying something. Surely they could have found a more able attorney to represent this dude.

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      Only her tricks of trying to blame this heinous crime on his biological mother doesn’t stand a chance.

    2. 12


      It sounds to me like your definition of a better lawyer would be one who would stand mute.
      The kid is entitled to a defense and she has a really hard job. Shut the fuck up already. You’re literally ridiculing her for trying anything she can while saying the kid should have a better lawyer. What’s a better lawyer dude??? Define a better lawyer???? One who’s gonna stand up and say “he did it, he’s awful, he’s the worst, dry him!” ????

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    I agree. If McNeil is the best lawyer the PD has, it’s a very sad commentary on the degree of quality of it’s lawyers. She should never have been allowed to represent Cruz and she proves it every time she opens her mouth.
    I have no doubt that after this is over the jury will impose the Death Penalty.

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      This has to be a member of the prosecution. Which dummy is it? The Bun? The crypt keeper?

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