24 thoughts on “MIAMI & FEDS CLOSED”

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      It’s Broward.

      Doing something important that matters to the citizenry may interfere with an awards ceremony.

      Or lunch.

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      17 still looks terrible for being so wimpy with the long closures during Covid19. Trying to act tough now?

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    I know in the past they needed Finkelstein’s permission. They’re probably waiting on the PD to allow it.

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    This’s interesting. I remember the talk that Wills had a secret half-brother. But it was supposedly Christopher Knight, the actor who played Peter Brady. That was obviously not true. Maybe because The Brady Bunch was on all the time back then. But now that I think about it, I remember Wills and Lincoln being oddly competitive in things like the potato sack race at Law Day, I think around ’82. I hope they patch up this feud. They’re both good guys.

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    This answers a lot of questions about two tards in leotards pulling the same zucchini …

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    Weird. The rumors of his stepbrother working in the courthouse has been circulating for years but never knew who it was.

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    Are you kidding me ? This has got to be a spoof, right ? They’re actually related ?

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