9 thoughts on “MONDAY 3/30 DOCKET”

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    The Courthouse has been closed for two weeks and is going to be closed for at least another two weeks and ALL of the Bailiffs are off sitting at home doing nothing and getting full pay AND some of them are actually bragging about it. This is very wrong. The Sun Sentinel needs to know about this. While we are forced to come to work and sit in an empty courtroom all day the bailiffs are sitting home doing nothing and getting full pay AND bragging about it.

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    They’re worthless anyway. When they’re not selling baseball caps or cruise tickets, they’re trashing up conference rooms with all their junk.

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    Does anyone know why we have to come to work when the courthouse is closed and the bailiffs have been getting paid to stay home, our bailiff was very happy when he told us about it. The Sun Sentinel needs to find out about this.

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      Bill Gellin needs to ask the sheriff why the bailiffs are getting paid while they sit home and bragging about it, let’s see what the sheriff says and what the Sun Sentinel thinks about taxpayers paying for these bailiff’s doing nothing for two weeks and getting paid. Not right.

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    Who is in the empty courtrooms? Clerks employees no doubt. The idiots in charge don’t have a clue. The IT department is worthless and makes getting the job done harder as they try to control everything. Ass backwards…. the divisions should run their department and then the IT needs to make it happen. Meanwhile they can’t remote access. The head idiot needs to be removed and voted out.

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    The clerks are forced to come to work at an empty courtroom or we don’t get paid, in the meantime the bailiff’s have been sitting at home getting paid and bragging about it. Can someone please tell me how this is right. Someone needs to look into this, Bill Gellin please look into this.

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