Phoebee Francios to First Appearances.

Tabitha Blackmon to Mollica (Central) or DePrimo/Francois (West).

Kim Mollica to Fry (North).

Kal Evans to Francois or DePrimo (West).

John Fry to Evans.

Katy Mchugh and Kathleen McCarthy swap.

Natasha DePrimo to Family (former Alspector).

County vacancy to county Deprimo or Mollica?

Wild CardGeorge Odom

(Effective January 10th?)

SS EditorialFlorida Supreme Court again tramples on the rights of defendants

34 thoughts on “MOVEMENT”

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    Um, not to start anything. But isn’t Judge Evans the only African-American in County Criminal? And there’s none in Circuit Crim? And Evans is moving to Civil??

    1. 5


      Evans will be back as soon as the Civil boys complain just like they got Holmes and Mccarthy bounced back.

    1. 4


      Seriously? Who’s advising him? I hope it’s not the same person who gave Weinstein and Tobin all the bad advice. Every scandal was terribly managed and amplified due to foolish actions. The 17th is once again off the rails.

    1. 0


      It’s not only about black judges. There’s only Diaz and Garcia Wood in Criminal for Spanish background. There’s no black judges after Evans and Blackmon go. The lack of consideration for diversity in judicial assignments is epic and across the board.

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    How come there isn’t a regular rotation of judges? Wouldn’t that solve the diversity problems & the burn out syndrome? What about the Governor? Is Chief Tuter doing anything for Laventure and others? To help get diversity through the appointment process? What’s going on beside him getting awards that matters to anyone but himself?

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      Diversity should always be secondary to the quality of judges we’ve got occupying the bench here in Broward. Unfortunately, the quality is sadly lacking. Instead we’ve got political pimps always looking over their shoulders at who might steal away away their cushy jobs and it affects the way they conduct themselves on the bench. The judicial meltdowns I’ve personally witnessed testifies to this fact in spades. There’s very little professionalism expressed from the bench around here. The lack of Judicial Rotation in this circuit contributes to a burnout syndrome that is so pervasive in so many forms.
      You don’t see so much of this in Miami or WPB. Its like a nursery school of judicial misfits here in Broward with no supervision and no consequences for the bad behavior of judges.

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      Judge Tuter should support candidates through the appointment process based on who is the BEST candidate and MOST qualified for the position. NOT because they are a particular COLOR.

      1. 2


        The Judicial situation in Broward has become hopelessly politicized and thus subject to endemic corruption. Most Circuit and County Judicial Positions in Broward with few exceptions are looked upon as dead-end jobs with little room for advancement beyond. Most are happy to be making more money and benefits than they ever made in private practice.

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