Channel 10 has a twelve minute interview with Brenda regarding the thought process behind her controversial Facebook posting, and its removal. The first video after clicking the link is the WPLG news segment, with the full interview available further down the page.

Tone deaf?


“You say that it wasn’t about that, but you did delete it. Why did you choose to delete the post if you felt that?”

“I deleted it because it needed to be deleted because there were a lot of negative things being said towards me and my people,” Forman said.

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      I want to marry her. I’m a rich, Jewish man in my late 80s. County politician. Lotta money. Good looking. Seeking 300 pound anti-Semitic black entry level clerk for long term relationship.

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    Sheee’s baaaack! I can’t with this lady. Like, sis. Seek help. Get. It. Together. Please! Does she think more camera time is helping? She served nothing more than a word salad and I am NOT having it. No thank you, next!

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      And never once apologized or said she regretted posting it. Just defended it and it’s other people problem. This is who she is. Only difference is she didn’t explode and yell at the camera.

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    If she keeps up the high profile, people will know she’s not Howard Forman and she could lose the name game election that’s still in her favor.

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      Her ignorance regarding almost everything she does or speaks of is astounding.
      Dian Diaz should get a raise.
      She’s obviously the real Clerk of Broward.

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        No. She has a brain trust she surrounds herself with. The IT department runs the place

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          I’d hardly call it a brain trust. Dian is as stupid as Brenda is. She just kisses azz more.

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    This makes it worse! Everything is about her and she’s always the victim. She offends many people and not one apology. Just saying she’s a wonderful person and everyone else has the problem isn’t an apology. Unbelievable.

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    She deleted it because of the negative things being said about her and her people? ?? That’s what the problem was! She’s a nasty nutcase

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      Frankly, it’s because Governor Desantis got burned by Sgt. Sheriff Killer Acid Head. Otherwise Kookoo Brenda would be gone by now.

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      Backman and Arlene would grovel and pander to any group they thought could bring them a few more shekels. Pathetic shtups.

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    How many times in your lunatic rant did you say “FACT CHECK!!! FACT CHECK!!!” “Y’ALL DON’T READ!!! Gotta FACT CHECK!!!”

    Now you’re all: oh, eh, uh, it wasn’t MY post, it was a repost!! Oh and it was a article, and then someone said they fact checked and it wasn’t him who said it… and I don’t like hitler, nooo I’ve never supported him, that’s not me, I don’t offend anyone

    You dumb fucking cunt. Please stop talking, please stop talking, PLEASE CLOSE YOUR STUPID FUCKING MOUTH, and crawl back under the rock that Howard should’ve never turned over and scraped you off the bottom of.

    You had 12 minutes to say something of value. Or at the very least “I’M SORRY”. The interviewer asked you more than once “is there anything else you want to say???”

    You didn’t say it because you aren’t sorry. You don’t give two shits if you offended the Jewish community. You hate white people and apparently you hate Jews.

    And it’s ironic because it’s all because of a JEW that you ever had a big fancy pot to piss in and a beautiful window to throw it from.

    I think a lot of people wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt at the beginning. But time and TIME AGAIN, you keep showing that you are even worse than what anyone said you were.

    God is almighty, right? You think he gave you Covid to give you names to espose who are all COINCIDENTALLY your political opponents and people who pissed off your supporter.

    If you truly believe in God as you say you do, you might want to reevaluate the reason why he gave you Covid. And if perhaps it was a warning to stop being such a nasty hateful and RACIST bitch.

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      She might be crazy but you sound like you have a serious mental condition. Why are you so hiped up and crazy, and to call any woman a “dumb fucking cunt” makes you a real low life. As angry as you appear makes one wonder if your jealios of her or perhaps you want to do her? Pretty strong name calling then post anonymous big man.

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        The anger of the person makes me think this is someone who knows her too well. Because this is exactly who she is! She’s a narcissistic hater and she’s absolutely clueless and over her head. Many skilled professionals have left being replaced by her hand picked people. Whoever gets to be the next clerk needs to have a complete audit. There needs to be big changes in every department. Seriously.

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      SHE NEVER HAD COVID NOR DOUBLE PNEUMONIA!!!!!!!!!!! No ONE RECOVERS FROM DOUBLE PNEUMONIA IN THREE TO FOUR DAYS!!!!!! Another lie by the LIAR BRENDA!!!!!! Tell that SHIT to someone that actually will believe that crap.

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    You are in over your head. You have undoubtedly been misinformed and manipulated by people who don’t have your best interests at heart.

    Stop messing around with people or institutions that are more adept at public relations than you are. It’s simple. Don’t fight on a field you can’t win.

    You can still win this election if you put your head down and focus on your job. In fact, you may even become a good career political officer if you stop taking things so personally and stop surrounding yourself with bad influences. Every politician survives or loses based on who they surround themselves with. That was your predecessor’s gift; he had Iris, and he was untouchable.

    Clean your personal house. Take out the trash. Stay focused on the Office and its morale in the meantime, and you will be Clerk for life.

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      See if anyone in the inner circle cut a deal with one of the ex-judges running.

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      The sad part is that this is reasonable talk for unreasonable people. She surrounds herself with trash because she is trash. I am glad that all this truth is coming to light. She has been a nasty person from day one and there is nothing anyone can do or say to change that. She would have to take a very serious look within to make some personal changes but I do not believe she is capable of doing that. She had a chance to show up but all she did was show out. When I understood what she did to Mr Forman, I knew this was a sullied heart we were dealing with. I know we shouldn’t celebrate another’s demise but she has dug her own grave and now all of the people (employees) she did wrong are dancing on it. Funny how low employee moral reflects a problem at the top huh Brenda? I remember you said that to me once and now I know you were issuing me a warning. Good luck with your future endeavors whatever they may be. ✌🏽

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      If she’s elected more people will leave. Many are waiting to see what happens. She’s asked employees to do things they feel are unethical and some actually are unethical like not paying the writ of garnishment. But this is who she is.

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    Brenda Forman and her useless minions have made a mess of the Clerk’s Office making it almost useless to get anything done.
    She’s got some of the dumbest most inefficient people working in that joke of an office. She is to blame. No one else. She is incompetent and she knows it. She has forgotten her duty to the citizens of Broward if she ever knew it. She should be removed from office and a strict audit performed to ascertain the extent of the damage and all salaries restructured to insure a properly run office.
    There is no excuse for this kind of incompetence.
    She’s acting like a cornered dog because she knows how badly she has administered the office.

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    Pasty white boy using the race card to pander a few votes.

    Mitch Ceasar On John Lewis: World Lost A Giant, But I Lost A Friend


    The world lost a giant, but I lost a friend.

    Civil rights icon Congressman John Lewis passed having lost his fight against cancer, probably one of the very few fights he did not win.
    U. S. Rep. John Lewis with Mitch Ceasar, former Florida and Broward Democratic Chairman

    We met through Congressman Alcee Hastings, but John had been a hero to me most of my life. He was known for his non-violent civil protests since he was a young man. His civil approach built his great legacy. He became a transcendent figure in American history making his activism about the American character, specifically appealing to our better angels.

    I always felt blessed to be with him, especially in private moments.

    For example, when he flew to Broward for a Democratic fundraiser, he waited for everyone to leave as he had greeted each person attending. He sampled every dessert, of which there were many on the buffet. He then took great joy in explaining that had his wife been present, that “recklessness” would have been impossible.

    He was always real.

    Or, when I attended a function during a low moment of my life John was the guest speaker. He came off the dais yelling my name, just so we could meet in the middle of the room to give me a hug. Once again he lifted me up by his heart.

    John was a gentle soul living his life to give us all hope and optimism. In doing so, he is now part of the arc of history. I will miss him terribly.

    Perhaps the best way to honor his legacy is to make “some good trouble.”

    (Mitch Ceasar, a Plantation lawyer, is the former Florida and Broward County Democratic Party chair. He is a candidate for Broward Supervisor of Elections.)

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    Mitch will be in Alabama to take more photos for his scrap book to use for his next campaign.

    Due to coronavirus precautions, Lewis will lie in state for public viewing at the top of the east front steps of the Capitol rather than in the Rotunda, and the public will file past on the East Plaza. Face masks will be required and social distancing will be enforced.

    Lewis’ family has asked members of the public not to travel from across the country to pay their respects. Instead, they suggested people pay virtual tribute online using the hashtags #BelovedCommunity or #HumanDignity

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    Mitch got bitch slapped by somebody like Brenda. He’s a whimp weasel who has no juice and less credibility. Whiney little boys don’t win campaigns. We’ve seen the last of his chances melt away like the little white shrimp he is.

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      How inappropriate. Well it’s coming from a tRUMPER!!! What was I thinking. tRUMP is a piece of shit, and this is to that good ole Kentucky boy tRUMPER. KMA

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