25 thoughts on “OPEN TUESDAY”

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    Enjoy the power outages while I’m lazing in an air conditioned tax payer funded bunker eating sausages without buns

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      Scotty, all the low class Broward elitist scum worshipped thee. Then the other clown shoe dropped. It shows you can fool some people some of the time and fool garbage collectors with titles all of the time.

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        Especially Broward Judges that knew what a scam he was running but got on their knees for campaign contributions. The list is lengthy.

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    Just learned today via Bar News Judge Hawkins is suspended without pay some time ago. Should not that have appeared here?? Awhile back?? What Up???

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    Weekes v. Lynch v. Conway v. Green = ??

    Talk amongst yourselves
    But in my not so humble opinion, Conway takes it because:
    1. Green & Weekes water down / split the racists who vote just on skin color, plus neither is a good choice
    2. Lynch is unliked outside the BACDL crowd (115 votes max.) and politico crowd (315 votes) as an old trough feeder already pulling in a 6-figure pension from taxpayers
    3. Top ballot name, and likeable

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    Not so fast.

    It’s a year before the election and Conway isn’t out giving speeches to old folks yet.

    And, as we know, voters REALLY care about the PD election 12 months in advance.

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      I’m Useless Weeks, Lit’l Howie’s boy and I’m lookin for your vote. I got a grab bag of candy and tic tacks with your name on them. Just please pass the word that I’m running for Public Pretender and I need the job and I’ve got all these meanies running against me.

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    I vote for Conway because then he can call a Judge a Witch or anything because Bar Rules don’t apply to electeds.

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