News from this morning’s Stakeholders’ meeting:

Civil/Probate – Zoom still for the foreseeable future.

County Criminal – March 8th for a small number of jury trials, unless stakeholders believe the COVID-19 numbers are too high, in which case a pushback of opening is likely until April. One hundred and twenty jurors would be summoned for March 8th.

Circuit Criminal – VOPs, VOPs, VOPs. Administration realizes what is clogging the jails, and judges, possibly handling cases from multiple divisions, would handle in-court VOP hearings in vastly separated courtrooms to keep the courthouse as clear as possible. No word on circuit jury trials at this time.

Developing …

46 thoughts on “SOFT OPENING UPDATE”

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      I’m glad you don’t think judges, particularly here in Broward, are any sort of leaders in the community. Just a bunch of hokey dukes that sit home in their underwear while other judges in other circuits are working. This pandemic has just exacerbated an already well known problem among judges that think they’ve retired early once they become judges, with no oversight and even less leadership coming from a chief judge who himself does little to nothing. Its a bad kept secret just how bad it is.

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    Tootie is going to open up even though CDC is saying that the worst of the virus, as well as new unpredictable strains, will be in the coming months. Can’t this clown get anything right? Seriously, why not talk to some intelligent people and deal with the situation and develop creative and safe contingency plans. Is that so hard?

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    Harold Pryor is the one pushing to open the courthouse to jury trials. His concern about appearing in charge comes at the risk of his employees health. I dont expect to see Gina Faulk or Mr. Pryor sitting in a crowded courtroom for hours on end any time soon

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      If this is truly the truth then Broward has finally welcomed its first true Leader in many decades of time.

    2. 36


      Explain how most all the other courts in America has figured it out? Our courts should have been operational a long time ago this is simply ridiculous. Broward is not the only county with Covid-19.

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    The 17th has always been behind every other Judicial Circuit in the State. But what would you expect with a Numb Nut running the Circus???
    It’s all Hat and No Cattle around here with Tooty in Tightpants !

    1. 19


      It’s obvious which Judges are working. And which are not. This should all be investigated when the barn doors reopen.

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    A little bird told me: it’s going to cmte.!
    you done got your fat ass spanked!

    Shylock, Esq.

    1. 3


      OMG your obsession is real. Going to committee doesn’t mean anything. I think it’s embarrassing for whoever made this dumb complaint that now the committee will know what an idiot he is. Your loneliness is really sad

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    NBB mentally ill inmate dies after beating by deputies. He was in custody on a weed charge. Mr Pryor what day you.

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    Any one find it strange that Hank Arron was alive and healthy on tv getting the covid-19 vaccine then two weeks later he is dead and no one will say what he died from? All they will say is “natural causes” what’s natural about being dead suddenly? I had a friend get deathly ill from the second shot but the CDC is not reporting how sick it’s making people. Who knows what’s in that shit and what it will do to people. All we are is a government experiment.

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      Just wait until it’s mandatory, as a matter of public necessity to get vaccinated with a bunch of degraded viral DNA (that is actually not even a covid derivative).

      Ask any MD, who has been vaccinated, if it provides any form of immunity from covid.

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        Lets see what they say when the Covid numbers continue to rise. Funny they are wanting every one to get the vaccine yet no word on when Covid should start declining nor are they reporting how sick people are getting from the vaccine. All we hear is “take the vaccine, you can still get Covid and we have to continue to wear a mask.” Would you normally take drugs that you have no clue what they are or what they can do to you? Funny they have never developed a drug to cure cancer after all these years. I also wonder why we aren’t hearing word shit one about the regular flu or the normal vaccine shortage they report every year.

    2. 5


      It’s unfortunate for Hank that False Convicter In Chief Mike Satz hadn’t convicted him of something a serial killer did so Hank could have been safely behind bars with all the other African American males where no one will ever get a vaccine until after all the rich people’s dogs, cats and goldfish get theirs.

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        Heard they’ve been looking for a long time for a way to offload this punk. I guess new admin didn’t want to waste any time. No great loss ! Lol

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    Multiple FBI Agents killed in shootout early this morning as they were serving Warrant in Sunrise …

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