Today is the big day.

The day to worry about the health and safety of your family and friends.

To worry about responsibilities to your clients.

To worry about bringing in enough money from your practice to pay employees and support your family, or likewise stretch your paycheck to make ends meet.

It’s like any other day, and during the pandemic, it’s extra daunting, to say the least.

We’ll get through this together. As Americans and Floridians, we always do.

The election and voting period for Florida Bar Board of Governors and President, which ends today, Monday, March 23rd at 11:59 PM, doesn’t, as they say, amount to a hill of beans in this crazy, scared world right now. But when we do weather the pandemic and corresponding financial crisis, the issues hampering attorneys trying to make an honest living under a system of Bar governance that seems more lacking than ever in these trying times will still be there, getting worse. For this reason, as concerned as we all are with the present, I hope you can take the time to cast a vote for change if you haven’t done so already.

Whether I win or lose, I thank you for participating, and for reading. Long time visitors here know my motto has always been “If you can’t beat them, pressure them.” The underdog is always waging a war of attrition, because it’s the only way to push the needle and make things even a little bit better. I therefore renew my pledge to fight for attorneys’ rights and the ability to tell the unfettered truth without fear of harassment if elected to the Board of Governors, and to continue to do so right here as I have for the last fourteen years if not.

Thank you for your time, attention, and consideration.

Bill Gelin


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34 thoughts on “THE BIG DAY”

  1. Roots of the Poisonous Tree... What is the root problem in the bar that you can fix Bill?... Give me an answer and you have my vote. says:



    So Bill…

    Who are impeding on the rights of attorneys?….

    What rights (specifically) are being ignored? What are you going to do to fix that problem?

    When will you figure out the true, and deepest root of this problem, and the fruits of the poisonous tree? If the root of the tree is the problem, the lawyers would be “the what”?… branches… because the fruit clearly are the lawyers clients…. if they have good fruit, and they have bad fruit (plaintiff/defendants, and innocent/guilty). The lawyers job as the branch is to hold ALL the fruit to the best of their ability from falling into the ground of losses prematurely before being ripe or picked. But can a branch protect a fruit if it was poison from the start… the innocent civilians have to deal with the poisonous fruit… the poison can make you sick or kill you… now in a pandemic of poisonous fruits… people panic under the circumstances only to become a seed of another poisonous tree… so who is planting these seeds for the cycle to continue. So if the seeds forms the tree… and the tree forms branches that hold the fruit. The clients are the fruit…. so to protect the lawyer you have to protect the client. In protecting the clients rights it will expose the rights of an attorney that needs protection….. but the problem is… there are far too many clients than their are lawyers so you have to impede on alot of clients rights to keep the rotation of the wheels turning. So I think the Bar would have better incentive to protect a client than an attorney. Guess who has bar licenses???… Judges…. so if everyone from the prosecution, defense,and judge had the clients rights protected everything else would fall in place naturally. But guess what…. more work for all of you guys…. the only incentive would be to only pick up actual true cases…. and stop wasting time with all these bogus b.s. cases… Everything comes in a full circle…. you attorneys cant complain if your clients can’t. I work in the courtroom everyday (wont say my role) from what it looks like is the judge sides with whoever is doing their job correctly. If you are an attorney and CANT persuade a judge a fact that has already been proven through caselaw, rules, procedures, statutes, laws, constitution, etc…. you are not going to be able to argue your case in trial in front of a jury that doesn’t understand much…. this means you are a “piece of crap” attorney and your rights mean nothing compared to your clients rights and the losses they will suffer.

    Where does these problems start?… and where do these problems end?

    Why are these things a problem for an attorney?

    HOW is this a problem for an attorney?

    If you can answer these problems… you have my vote.

    1. 26


      Ethics and moral went out the door when all the young lawyers were scared to press the rules and procedures. Everyone is trying to build relationships and feel they will be burning a bridge. Noone has faith in their self anymore. Noone is filing JQC complaints or lining the judges up to expose themselves. When these judges see a great opportunity to flex their muscle on a scaredy cat lawyer…. they will. Their are so much easy cases that a lawyer can easily dispose of but have their client sitting in jail for a year and a half because they are scared to do their job correctly. Think about it…. if you are compelling them to the rules and the laws and they refuse to follow is because you didnt sound confident you sounded unsure. The state is confident because the whole entire case from the probable cause affidavit to testimony all are in favor of the prosecution. These lawyers have a hard time defending their clients because they are unsure and dont know how to angle a motion correctly to expose the truth and compel a judge to show their true hand. Human psychology.

      1. 4


        That’s because these corrupt Judges won’t grant the Motions anyway. So your blaming the attorneys who have a life and a practice to upheald. So these people out of college are expected to have Motions granted. By judges who have nothing to lose but a jqc complaint. You are lost.

        1. 7


          The problem is deep rooted… “cause and effect”. I just recently went through a DUI manslaughter trial about a week or two ago…. the defense attorney who is a pretty good attorney as I witnessed her in a couple of trials prior….. the judge realized she wasnt doing her job correctly and got called out on a willful reciprocal discovery violation. I felt bad because the client suffered the sanction. Which was clear testimony was doctored for the state. The lawyers are skipping crucial steps in getting this proven properly…. so when it is time to argue these issues…. you have a pissed off judge who has to clean up the mess an attorney has made, and cost a “whole entire case”. It’s a slippery situation that the judge doesn’t like to be in. Of course they will rather the 4th DCA clean up that mess… The problem is attorneys are taking too heavy loads and overlooking issues…. catching at the last minute… entirely too late…. they put “the cart before the horse”. Then get mad at the judge for their mistake. The human side of me sides with the attorneys but the systematic side of me sides with the judge. I see alot of attorneys act robotic until it gets exposed. They get frustrated when they get exposed… Now they want to file motions to cover their butt entirely too late…. now blame the judge.

          1. 9


            RULE 4-8.3 REPORTING PROFESSIONAL MISCONDUCT (a) Reporting Misconduct of Other Lawyers. A lawyer who knows that another lawyer has committed a violation of the Rules of Professional Conduct that raises a substantial question as to that lawyer’s honesty, trustworthiness, or fitness as a lawyer in other respects must inform the appropriate professional authority. (b) Reporting Misconduct of Judges. A lawyer who knows that a judge has committed a violation of applicable rules of judicial conduct that raises a substantial question as to the judge’s fitness for office must inform the appropriate authority. You either DO or You DON’T. It’s just that simple. Anything less—you’re a disgraceful coward with no Integrity for you profession. YOU All are the enablers by your silence; You are passive participants in the crimes and torts of your fellows abusers; YOU are Consenting Adulterers of law.

            1. 4


              Exactlyyyyyyy….. and then they complain about the issue that they caused. Good lawyers have faith in their work ethic. If you do your job correctly… how can you lose it. Everyone relies on their relationships instead of their own hard work and dedication.

    2. 3


      I think prosecuting attorneys should be compelled to the law more than the judge…. the judge cant tell how weak or strong a case really is until trial… they can make an assumption but it is hard to do. The prosecution should remedy motions that cannot be contested without a judge ruling. Or be sanctioned. I think they should be required as part of a disposition of a case to file a JQC complaint on a factual basis report sent by ALL defense attorneys at the disposition of this case.

      1. 5


        Prosecutor will not remedy, unfortunately most decisions are left to corrupt Judges these judges will only side with the state.

      2. 15


        That’s not difficult in this place because most Broward judges don’t know squat about anything unless its how to try to get re-elected.

      3. 2


        HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! The rules are written to include a “knowing” or “Knowingly” exclusionary clause to allow those accused off the hook by claiming “ignorance of the law” as their defense. Imagine– ignorance of the law is not an excuse to a civilian accused, but is acceptable as an excuse for a lawyer or a judge! And this is created and controlled by the Rule makers, themselves. IMAGINE this reality in its full blown Absurdity: Ignorance of the law is an excuse for a lawyer or a judge when violating it because knowledge is required element for proof, where a non-lawyer accused cannot. But since you all keep it in-house, you all get away with it.

    3. 27


      well stated—the problem is that “client centered” focus is the most often neglected Duty and anyone who challenges failures is attacked by its own viral community and the oversight Fla Bar refuses to investigate or prosecute Rule violators, especially when they are working to deprive someone of their life, liberty or property through criminally negligent and felonious false means and felonious dishonest means, all under Art V, Fla Const., and the same criminal fraud infests the JQC, also under the supervision of the S. Ct. because there is not accountability. When the legislature finally recognized what the Fla Bar Rule 4 “Commentary” itself says are felony criminals breaches and treats and criminally prosecutes as such, then change will NOT happen, because it is the lawyers who obstruct it. if it was so, satz and his entire extended team would have been in prison for a very long time, a very long time ago.

    4. 5


      1. HOW is this a problem for an attorney?
      Read his past statements.

      2. Where does these problems start?
      From “Plain View” corruption that, seeks to seeks to stifle The Great Lawyers, and uses The to “crush” truth seeking function of Bar Members well intention to fulfill the Rule of Laws.

      Where does these problems start?… and where do these problems end?
      In short, reforms. Potential reforms would shed light.
      Light protects the targeted member from the “Plain Views”

      HOW is this a problem for an attorney?

      If you don’t know this already,
      its likely you may not be a fighting lawyer, with basic historical knowledge. (read his statements)

  2. 1


    The 52-member Board of Governors has exclusive authority to formulate and adopt matters of policy concerning the activities of the Bar, subject to limitations imposed by the Rules Regulating The Florida Bar.

    1. 9


      and since the “limitations imposed by the Rules Regulating The Florida Bar” are without protection by the Bar, ‘formulation and adoption of matters of policy concerning the activities of the Bar’ is meaningless, irrelevant and moot. So stop kidding everyone. you ALL know it, you all allow it, you all DO it and love the protection get for it. This is no more obvious that to kook at the selection of president of the Bar and their background and pedigree. Lawyer jokes fundamentally have a basis in fact.

  3. 8


    Who does Gelin think he’s kidding. He’s a eunuch in a sea of legal whores of any and all existing and newly created genders.

  4. 0


    They not working:
    All Florida Bar offices are closed as of March 19 with certain Bar staff working remotely to continue essential functions.. For more court and Bar announcements, alerts and changes caused by the coronavirus visit

  5. 6


    I have already voted against you and have encouraged many other attorneys to do the same. Hope you lose big time asshole.

  6. 6



  7. 8


    If there’s anyone who deserves it, it’s you Bill. You’ve done more to clean up this sewer of corruption and incompetence than anyone else. Best of luck.
    I cast my vote for you with no hesitation.

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