Dec 31st … Satz name comes down after 44 years.

Harold Pryor, to be sworn in tomorrow, has reportedly decided on the following current prosecutors to head the various units at the SAO. It will be up to these folks to implement the criminal justice reforms Harold has promised. Keep in mind, the list has not been confirmed, but the changes have been rumored for some time:

Gina Faulk – #2;

Neva Smith – #3, retains head of SBU;

Mike Horowitz – head of FTU;

Catherine Maus, Sr. Supervisor FTU;

Gloria Moschella – head of Juvenile;

Chris Killoran – head of SPU;

Margaret Carpenter – head of County;

Paul Valcore – head of CCU;

Staci Direnzo – head of Felony Case Filing;

The following current chiefs of units are believed to retain their positions:

Shari Tate – head of HTU;

Denise Neuner – head of DTU;

Stefanie Newman – head of DVU;

Kathy Heaven – head of ECU.

In other news, some senior ASA’s are being terminated as this post is being written …

SS- Broward has a new top prosecutor today, bringing a shake-up for ‘prudent reform’ (1/5)

21 thoughts on “THE FACES OF REFORM”

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      Yep. Faulk & Neva (the two top spots) are so white!
      Well, I mean, yes they are Black – uh, but c’mon man! Can’t I just SAY they’re “mighty white” and just get away with it?

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    So the person running case filing is married to a private defense lawyer. Is diversion something she’s interested in? Even if it hurts the defense bar?

    1. 4


      You thought Alex Urruela was bad to deal with wait till we have to deal with Direnzo

  2. 5


    He’s not changing a darn thing. For crying out loud, he worked there. He believes in the so called mission.

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    Where exactly are the faces of reform? I see faces of more of the same. Mike Horowitz head of FTU. That is the reform Broward voted for!

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      Give him a chance. He can’t bring in a whole slew of new people on day one. He needs to keep the office running at the beginning He can bounce all these people if they don’t follow the new order. He can bring in his own people after a hiring process if the new supervisors don’t get with the program. Mr. Pryor is committed to reform. He didn’t swear in a bunch of people that were too hard to reform. All is well.

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        Paul Valcore — Shari Tate — Denise Nuener — Stephanie Newman — Kathy Heaven- these people eat their young and throw black kids in prison for fun. All white. Wtf Harold Pryor- where are the people who will bring the reform you promised? Not any of these bitches.

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    Is Harold Pryor still personally against the death penalty as he told the sun-sentinel on June 27, 2020.

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    I would like to say that God is good. When I heard that that racist Sheila Alu was head of the office I prayed extra hard This Sunday. My prayers were answered. Thank you Jesus.

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      I found it amusing that the Catholic cult gave Tony an award, a prosecutor who routinely tried to put people on death row. Maybe next year that church will give an award to an abortion doctor. The cult has such a rich history of killing people though. The inquisitions, burning heretic after heretic at the stake. Murdering Protestants, read about the Saint Bartholomew day massacre.

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    The only things Loe and Bailey have accomplished is getting their own buns greased. LOSERS !!


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