Fresh coffee, pastries, and Jamaican patties …

Hungover young lawyers and older ones needing a caffeine boost no longer have to scramble across SE 6th St for a cup of decent coffee. The rotunda where Napoleon Broward made his final stand is now home to the above-pictured kiosk. Whether it was the County Commission or Jack Tuter who finally ended the coffee drought … Thank You!


RED BROWARD – Dale Holness Snubbed As Broward State Attorney Hosts Fundraiser For State Rep. Bobby DuBose

“God has truly blessed me with an amazing support system. Last night at Riverside Hotel, Harold Pryor and Michael Satz held a fundraising event in my honor. To everyone who continues to show their support, please know I offer my deepest gratitude. Thank you.”— Bobby DuBose


FLORIDA BULLDOG – Judge grants Cruz defense team right to film at crime scene as prosecutor Satz’s death penalty record becomes an issue:

Prosecutor Satz’s record at issue

“The Broward State Attorney’s Office is quite familiar with death penalty convictions being reversed by the courts, because Broward County, under the leadership of lead prosecutor Michael Satz, leads the State of Florida in death penalty case reversals. Many times, these reversals are due to prosecutorial misconduct and overreaching,” wrote Melisa McNeill, chief assistant public defender, and Tamara Curtis, assistant public defender in court papers filed last week.

“The defense is hopeful that the newly elected State Attorney, Harold Pryor, will not continue Michael Satz[‘s] legacy of having the most death penalty cases reversed in the State of Florida,” they said.

Assistant State Attorneys Nicole Chiappone and Jeff Marcus labeled those remarks “unprofessional insults.” (emphasis added)

Still, in addition to death penalty reversals the state attorney’s office under Satz was a party to grievous miscarriages of justice in which long-imprisoned defendants were freed after being exonerated by DNA tests or other evidence. In cases where evidence of police misconduct existed, it was not prosecuted.

Daily Pulp – Strike Four for Robert Carney

Center on Wrongful Convictions – Sonia Jacobs

Frontline/PBS – Requiem For Frank Lee Smith

Florida Bulldog – Horrific police frame-ups that Broward State Attorney Michael Satz won’t investigate

Coming SoonShould Harold Pryor correct the prior SAO’s despicable failure to publicly apologize to the known innocent victims’ of the Satz regime?

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      Whose still calling the shots. Harold Pryor is the latest convert to the Old Man’s kool-aid guzzler squad. It’s that simple. Satzie still has the ability to cultivate young minds to the wrong direction. His placard ought to be fixed back to 1976 – Indefinitely.

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          Load it, stick it in your mouth, pull the trigger and put us out of your misery.

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    Pryor doing anything without Satz doesn’t seem likely. He distanced himself on the campaign and now taking pics with him and continuing his legacy in the courtroom. No change.

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    Oh Pryor got some explaining to do to Dale….because he’s pissed off. Pryor made another huge mistake!

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    Is it really an unprofessional insult if it is completely true. Truth is a defense.

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    Judge Blackmon just announced during today’s bond court that Broward bond court via Zoom is going to officially end on August 2, 2021 and Broward bond court will be held just like it was prior to courthouse closure in March 2020. It was already announced that Broward bond court will have all ASAs & PDs in person in courtroom 4155 starting July 6, 2021 (with the judge & courtroom staff having already being there in person for the past 2 weeks).

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      Judge Blackmon just informed everyone that she received email late this morning that is officially ending use of Zoom on July 12, 2021 in Broward bond court and they will only be using the original courthouse video “Blue Man” system. Good luck if your client is in quarantine in jail, since they will now have their bond hearings reset till they are allowed back into general jail population.

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          HAHAHAHAHA they are more dangerous On the jpb than off–let the fallow fields fallow.

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    “The Clerk of Courts, along with the Miami Dade County Mayor and the Chief Judge recently issued a public advisory concerning structural deficiencies at the Miami Dade County Courthouse (73 West Flagler Street). As a result of those findings and in an abundance of caution, all courthouse staff that are being moved, are being moved to alternate work locations or to working remotely, effective Monday, July 12, 2021.

    We are aware of the critical services provided to the public by our offices, as well as the added impact of this event, after a long Covid-related closure. Accordingly, the Clerk’s Office is taking all steps possible to maintain our public service levels and accessibility during this indefinite period.

    Those who have upcoming court proceedings scheduled, in-person, at the Dade County Courthouse will receive new notices with instructions for remote access.”

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