16 thoughts on “TUESDAY DOCKET”

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    Then I padded my billing sheet another 4/10ths of an hour because I had to wait for their IT guy to get the sound clearer…..isn’t this great?

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      Week 3 of the courthouse being closed down and the bailiffs sitting home doing nothing and getting paid for it while we have to sit in an empty courtroom. Why is this going on, why are they getting paid and bragging about sitting home. Bill Gellin please ask questions.

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      Good luck with that, bub. The days of making the easy gravey are over. Criminal Law is kaput. Now every lawyer in town will be running for judge.

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    How are you non essentials hanging in there? Riddle me this, why are they going to lock up Citizen for going out side after dark, but are releasing Con’s across several States? Do the inmates have food and/or TP?

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    If elected I promise to be the first State Attorney in Broward to not live in a bubble even after the CDC sounds the all clear

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    In my day we conquered major threats like WWII, the Cold War and the Civil Rights movement…….some silly virus will not shut us down

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    I have just enough time to make a matching one of these and change back into my work shirt and tie before the Judge figures out how to get Zoom back up and running and recalls my case

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    This case is really swimming around on a float to 11th Circuit. Judge Seraphin is now assigned to this Broward County case from the Supreme Court Executive Order.

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    The bailiffs days are numbered and quite frankly GOOD RIDDANCE. All they do is look for free food all day long and tell us that they can’t do this or that because it’s not their job. Nothing is ever their job. They are rude, arrogant and lazy freeloading wannabe cops bumbling around getting in everyone’s way. The sooner they are gone the better. Bye Bye.

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