The following information is provided for Broward criminal practitioners, as there are no telephonic dockets for Monday. Civil and juvenile have their own procedures, so check with each assigned judge in those divisions.

If you have a criminal case, private attorneys and clients will not be admitted to the courthouse. A PA or defendant with a case on the docket can be assured their cases will be re-noticed with no input from the lawyer. If, however, a lawyer wants to be heard, or believes he/she has an existing or new case with an in-custody client that can reasonably expect release or a bond reduction, lawyers are urged to contact the assigned ASA to try for an agreed order. Judges are available for consideration of agreed orders, which can be emailed, and in those cases where agreement can’t be reached, attorneys can call the JA and ask to be heard telephonically with all parties for a ruling. Filed waivers of appearance may be necessary for some telephonic hearings, as clients have a right to be present, but that’s another of many issues still being addressed. Lastly, individual judges may decide to call attorneys tomorrow or throughout the week if they have specific questions or concerns with previously set or add-on hearings, so be prepared to pick up the phone if the 831 extension pops up.

Patience is a priority. There are a ton of moving parts, and more set procedures will be arrived at as the stakeholders continue to gather in the next day or two for further discussions and for agreement on use of the available technological tools that can possibly speed up the process. Things may change as early as Tuesday, so please check back in tomorrow for an update as it becomes available …



51 thoughts on “WHAT TO EXPECT MONDAY”

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      So bailiffs are sent home this morning because of the coronavirus with pay however, clerks are still expected to stay in the courthouse and work with no hearing being held or bailiffs present. Everyone please DO NOT VOTE FOR BRENDA D FORMAN CLERK OF NOT GIVING A FUCK ABOUT EMPLOYEES GETTING THE CORONAVIRUS. THERE ARE EMPLOYEES WHO HAVE HAD CONTACT WITH PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN TO AREAS WHERE PEOPLE HAVE BEEN DIAGNOSED WITH CORONAVIRUS.

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      Sounds like Socialism dagnab it. I’m running for clerk. Against that black lady. I’m white, skinny, 135 pounds & 27 years old. Black female at PD office. Next to her I’m skinny. I’m 5’9”. How tall is she? Will she actually attack me if I run? A friend from clerk says yes because I’m black.

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    The judiciary is probably waiting to see if Mr. Satz steps up.

    Wishing and hoping.

    Since Mr. Satz’s default mode is to not take any responsibility for anything it will then be back in the judiciary’s lap for real action.

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    A Sex Bat and Kidnapping? Request for Furlough? Please hold. One ringy-dingy, two ringy-dingy…….

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    I understand that cell phones are a cause for major concern for the spread of this Covid 19 … The use of sanitary wipes are now highly recommend, and often.

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    Court Administration failed.
    There are no wipe stations.
    Publix and other responsible organizations have them at the door.
    Every courtroom and entrance should have had disinfectant wipes and liquid stations.

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    Adversity has some silver lining. Retirement accounts may be decimated. On the bright side the ten additional years of work to make back the losses will be with a State Attorney that isn’t afraid to lead.

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    Aronberg must not care about the aged population in WPB. Why didn’t he use his influence to get a closure?

    1. 2


      Interesting point.
      He had no problem in closing the Jeff Epstein investigation. Priorities are Priorities.

      After all, hose minors were goy prostitutes, procured by The Palm Beach County School District and school resource officers.

    1. 7


      Dave’s serious face is starting to look more like a cartoon … Its what happens when creditably is absent …

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    I seriously wonder what Chief Judge Tuter is thinking. Its obvious to me that he’s given his administrative orders as much thought and effort as he does to administering the judges of this circuit.

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      Is The Federalist Society operating during the outbreak? Maybe they can get Broward a new Chief Judge? This is so scary. The usual mismanagement is not allright.

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    Tuter goes from selling raffle tickets to denying bond hearings ? Tell me this guy really isnt as completely inept, incompetent and stupid as his past actions would dictate.
    After this is all over the other judges should make it a priority to retire this brain surgeon !

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    Suggested reading for Chief Judge Tuter in the next few weeks
    Hope he can read better than he writes

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