Where’s the Pride

The law says these hearings are open to the public and they must be, and I know if the public can see what our judges, prosecutors and public defenders are doing in this unprecedented crisis they would be proud of their justice system.

Howard Finkelstein, on the need to broadcast emergency bond court and plea hearings to the public.

5 thoughts on “Where’s the Pride”

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    Like Finkelstein knows whats going on. lol. This thing is about as screwed up as you would expect from a bunch of incompetent bureaucrats with no interest in anything but getting their paychecks,
    Finkelstein with all his hype was incorporated into the incompetence that exists in the courthouse a long time ago.
    He hasn’t even been in the office in years and is riding his tenure out to the end of the year. His imput amounts to zilch. Who’s does he think he’s kidding ?

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