We’re told Chris Wigand has been appointed to the circuit court.

Still awaiting word on county, where the appointee will likely replace the new misdemeanor DV judge Chris Brown in First Appearances …

15 thoughts on “WIGAND FOR CIRCUIT”

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    How about famous Howard? Has he ever made a good decision. He fired two lawyers for private Facebook posts. The Bar only suspended him for what he did which was 100 times worse.

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    Howard Fink. What a giant loser. He only cared about his image, not his apds, not his clients. He was a mean angry man who always festered a drug addiction. He took pleasure in hurting people that he disliked. Very volatile little man. Hopefully he forever stays away from the courthouse and politics in Broward. He created a fake persona for himself that the viewers of his help me Howard segment ate up and believed in. Fake fake fake.

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