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As rumored in the comments section of JAABLOG, Liz Scherer joins the long list of Broward judges with JQC problems. The cause: her behavior during the Parkland case.

The recommendation is for a public reprimand.

Scherer, whose resignation becomes official June 30th, has already left the building, with senior judge Lisa Porter being paid to cover her docket until the end of the month.

Will the Supreme Court accept the stipulated agreement between Scherer and the JQC? Or will they up the penalty to send the strongest possible message to Florida’s judiciary handling the most serious cases? Will the Florida Bar get involved? Or will the entire matter be dismissed due to Scherer’s impending resignation?


(The JQC retains jurisdiction for one year after a judicial resignation)

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WPLG Channel 10 (May 10, 2023):

” … Chief Judge Jack Tuter praised Scherer in a statement to Local 10 News Wednesday afternoon.

“Judge Scherer approached me last year to advise she would soon be leaving the bench,” Tuter said. “During her service, Judge Scherer handled one of the most challenging cases in Broward County’s history. She did so in a professional and dignified manner … “ (emphasis added)

US News & World Report (May 13, 2022):

” … But Bill Gelin, a Fort Lauderdale defense attorney who writes for a blog on Broward courthouse news, said Tuter should have scrapped the random process and assigned a more-experienced judge or got the prosecutors and defense attorneys to agree on one.

“This is not a Scherer problem; this is a chief judge problem,” Gelin said …