Harold Pryor and Gordon Weekes have been reelected without opposition to four year terms.

Sheriff and Clerk of Court qualifying period upcoming: Noon, Monday, June 10, 2024 – Noon, Friday, June 14, 2024


Arguelles, Christina Grace vs. Phillips, Carol-Lisa

Chaves Sanz, Andres vs. Marra, Jessica Maureen
(Andres Chaves Sanz's name will not appear on the ballot as a Write-In Candidate)

Moon, Stefanie C vs. Weekes, John "Johnny" 


Kathleen Mary "Katie" McHugh vs. Scott Russell Shapiro

Alejandro "Alex" Arreaza vs. Woody Clermont vs. Samuel Ford Stark

Kathleen Elaine Angione vs. Joseph Zager

Corey Brian Friedman vs. Tamar Hamilton

Emilio "Emi" Benitez vs. Lauren Nichole Peffer

Congratulations to Teri-Ann Miller, Bob Lee, Bobby Diaz, and Lou Schiff on their retirements!

COMING SOON - Andres Chaves Sanz speaks!; Ginger gets diversion ...

69 thoughts on “2024 JUDICIAL RACES”

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      Well well I guess Benitez was the heir apparent last minute filer rumored about for Judge Miller seat. Peffer must’ve caught wind I guess.

    1. 4


      Schiff hides in satellite his entire career and Diaz slept his way thru his last two terms, Who says Broward doesnt have the best judges in Florida?

  1. 28


    How is Carbuccia unopposed? That is utter garbage. 5 year attorney, law clerk only. WTH! Diminishes the value of being a judge. Because she showed up to events and won an award for being Cuban? Way more worthy Cubans. I’m pissed. Just not pissed enough to run because what’s right and fair NEVER happens in the judiciary. Someone who has experience like me would lose because we are a “d” and we didn’t kiss Raag’s ring. Raag- I hope you’re happy with the legacy you left us. Maybe your janitor or bailiff can be appointed next? Or your 3rd cousin twice removed who went to night classes at law school in Kentucky. So pissed. You don’t even help people of Indian decent who are grossly underrepresented. I hope APABA stops honoring you.

    1. 5


      If you’re “so pissed” because an eight year lawyer who put herself through law school and was a Staff Attorney and Federal law clerk and teaches at law school was appointed, you just don’t have the temperament to ever be a judge, or a parent for that matter. Please don’t ever apply for judge, run for judge or procreate.

      1. 22


        Most people put themselves through law school. It’s called loans or work. Wonder why she went 5th or 6th tier then? You are right
        Carbuccia is a Wonder Woman! She teaches where? So many other Hispanic female role models. Keep posting your stupid “I love Lucy” memes. You volunteer- so do most of us. This is an absolute joke. 8 year lawyer- big leagues. It’s an insult. I would take Marra over her any day. Carbuccia wasn’t even in our county! She appeared out of no where
        with a rec from Raag. Whoever put her through the JNC are the racist ones.

      2. 18


        Keep posting about yourself Carbuccia. No one likes you. You were thrown upon us in Broward, not by any choice. Wow you had a job in law school and took out loans. You are a 6th tier law school grad. Congratulations. Hope the robe keeps you warm at night.

      1. 4


        Not quite. One of the best. Only opposition over the years was the PBA. And he even won them over.

      2. 4


        Seems even the New York Times disagrees with you. From earlier this month:


        “Which brings us back to Anuraag Singhal. He spent much of his career as a criminal defense lawyer, representing people accused of a wide range of violent and nonviolent crimes. His work defending a man who killed a police officer was honorable and ethical. He was fulfilling his crucial role in our justice system. I wish every death penalty defendant had such skilled counsel.

        From the available evidence, he appears to have a sterling legal record and has so far proved to be a fair-minded judge on the federal bench. Democrats were right to vote for his confirmation, exactly as the Constitution envisioned the Senate’s role to advise and consent to a president’s judicial nominees.“

  2. 3


    Considering Carbuccia’s complete resumé, and all the mentoring activities Singhal does in the community and across the country for people of all cultures including Indian Americans, this is probably the most false and racist comment I’ve ever seen on this blog.

        1. 7


          But where would they put him? Can he do anything but misdemeanors?
          I don’t think he’s needed. Judge Pole and Judge Stone (they were Seniors) are multi-faceted. They can do civil.
          Has Judge Diaz even presided over a single felony case?

          1. 2


            If memory serves the only County Judges willing to step up and lend a hand with Circuit matters were Solomon, Lazarus, Judge Fry and Judge Brown.

            1. 4


              Why should they ‘lend a hand’ when the Circuit Judges go home early every day and never, ever help out with County cases?

      1. 3


        Diaz has been suffering from a Senior Moment the entire time he’s been on the bench. It’s one of the reasons he never made it passed County Clown. Once in, he was like a ferret with his head in the hole with a taco between his teeth.

  3. 15


    Only that spolied rotten Lizzy lost her job because of her abomination of a trial. G Weekes wins again unopposed. McNeil’s husband wins again unopposed. H Pryor wins again unopposed. Lizzy never deserved the job. Then she disappeared during the Pandemic. Good riddance.

      1. 1


        I think it had something to do with campaign finance. We’re giving you a slap on the hands but don’t run again for a political seat. My 2 cents.

    1. 11


      Considering the way Liz got to the bench with the help of former employee of Schere’s daddy CJ Tuter and their manipulative endeavors with the then JNC, she got just what she deserved. Much the same as Tuter made it to the bench.
      She’s always been a bimbo, and true to form, given enough time and her questionable assignment to the Cruz Case by Tuter, she blew her skirt up all by herself exposing an incompetence that’s always been there but was painfully witnessed by her immature handling of a case that was by design to bring her media attention but resulted in bringing to the public’s attention her failings as a an ineffective and inept judge.
      She’s where she belongs now. Let daddy take charge of her now in her old role of playing daddy’s little girl.

  4. 0


    Could imagine if uncle Luke won election. John Fetterman would look like a well dressed member of congress in his shorts n hoodie compared to Uncle Luke’s rapper wardrobe and bling.
    Actually I was hoping for it to show how much congress has become a complete joke. Lack of dignity integrity truthfulness and accountability.

            1. 0


              The so called Parkland Shooting Judge is still out there trying to horn her way onto television. Everyone needs to see Queen Selfless refusing to let the most painful chapter in Broward history close. She’s important.

              1. 18


                Liz’ relevancy is no longer a debatable issue. She was put in a position by Tuter who should have known better that was completely over her head. She should have never risen above the level of County Judge dealing out vehicular fines.
                If she really thinks she can parlay her judicial disgrace into a regular podcast of TV spot, she is even more delusional than I thought. Nobody wants to see Liz make a bigger fool of herself than she already has. It’s painful to see such an airhead chase attention as much as she does.

                  1. 1


                    And what about her saying all those trashy insults about the PD’s when she was clearly the unprofessional one?

                    1. 17


                      Her maturity level should have been taken into account when Scherer and Tuter pushed her thru the appointment process. That obviously wasnt a priority they were interested in, but its the way politics works in Broward. Look how Tuter made it to the bench and then to becoming chief judge for more of the same.

                    2. 14


                      Just as bad on the part of the PDs. Both were equally as responsible for the chit show that the Cruz case became !
                      The PDs were possibly even worse.

      1. 0


        If one of them holds another to the rules then they will be held accountable too so guess what everyone pretends not to see.

  5. 5


    They’re all in it together for their mutual benefit. One for all and all for one. They always circle the wagons because they think one day for the Grace of God it could be them in hot water. We’ve seen it repeat itself many times in Broward where the worst of it plays out.
    Don’t look for dignity in this bunch.
    Where there should be honor there is but a void.

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      I like the pants down in the parking garage a little different than the skirt raised in the stairwell

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