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      In what way is Emilio Benitez a failure? Good lawyer, good person. Has applied for appointment before and wants to run now. Although he has not yet paid the qualification fee, what is the basis for this comment?

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    As far as Diaz is concerned: I’ve seen more energy exhibited at an insomniac group therapy session.

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    Looks like his hand picked Ileana want down in flames. He really knows how to pick the wounded out of the pack.

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    Why so many good candidates in one race. Run against some of the Desamtis appointees with little to no coirtroom experience. In this heated election time- you think super voters will support the DeSantis appointee with no courtroom experience? Move races. Also- I don’t even have to say a name and everyone knows who I am talking about.

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    What’s with “Emi”? Should we call him Emi? Really, Emi? Now that’s very professional. Meh.

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