Today’s emergency docket concluded at 2:49 PM.

Broward’s in-custody defendants are done for the day. Let’s hope they find some way to amuse themselves while on lockdown until court begins again at 1:30 PM tomorrow.

Mike Usan and Susan Alspector handled today’s chores. Alspector was on for her specialized DVU cases.

The judges made a point at the end of the docket for everyone to start thinking about resolving VOP’s, both pending and new intakes, since the emergency Covid-19 hearings have wound down. Alspector, for her part, said VFO’s, particularly those with technicals, will be her next priority.

Of course, if the SAO doesn’t stop saying “no way” on the majority of VFO cases, with Court Administration continuing to refuse to set both VFO and Arthur bond hearings, nothing will change.

In the meantime, if any mainstream media is reading, please check with neighboring jurisdictions to see how VFO and Arthur hearings are currently being handled, and HELP!

11 thoughts on “2:49 PM-DOCKET CONCLUDED”

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    Where’s BACDL on this?
    They don’t like to take on Judges.
    But they’d sell their own mothers to make a nickel.
    There’s money to be made.
    Who’s in charge?

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      Ruby Green is. She’s doing an out of custody plea docket with Judge Siegel. Nobody in their right mind would plea a case right now. The offers when the Courthouse reopens will be much better because of the gridlock. It’s what they’re focused on though.

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    Great caution should be used by the judges in considering any violation of probation cases that do not include a new substantive offense. Technical violations are based more on whether the probation officer likes you or doesn’t like you. The culture of the office is to have offenders fail and to violate them. Corruption runs rampant in the office and there are no checks and balances except a judge that will take everything a probation officer says with a grain of salt. Warrants should never be issued for technical violations alone. It is much more expedient to set all of them for a hearing. Most can be resolved at a first hearing without an arrest. This will save a great deal of money and reduce the unnecessary trauma associated with any physical arrest. This is applicable all the time and not just when a deadly disease is festering in the jails.

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    Half the time the recommendation is for a reinstate anyway and they still sign them.

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    No one will be able to watch that saved video, since they have now deleted most of the saved Youtube videos of “night court” emergency hearings. What are they trying to hide?

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      True, yesterday there were about forty videos on that YouTube channel.
      Today there are only the last couple of days.
      So you know, we have them on our channel.

      We fell behind but starting on April 23, 2020, we have both the regular bond court and the emergency hearings through current.
      They stopped broadcasting the emergency hearings yesterday. Of course Todd Watson was on that docket yesterday.
      So from April 23 on, we have them there, and should continue to be able to memorialize the regular bond courts.


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    Is it true Alspicter hasn’t tried a case in the 2 years she’s been on the bench?

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    The PD office is partly to blame for all of this. They decided not to request hearings on VFO or Arthur cases.

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