A #3

Runaway juries are one thing, but it’s about time to come up with a name for out of custody defendants who decide to disappear while the jury is deliberating.

It’s certainly not uncommon, but rarely does it happen twice in the span of a couple of weeks on circuit felony matters.

One individual today is still on an extended bathroom break, after a carefully worded jury question sent shivers down the spines of the defense.

In late March, another individual similarly asked to use the facilities while the jury was out, and missed hearing the foreperson seal his fate.

What changes, if any, will recent events have on BSO’s handling of out of custody, innocent until proven guilty defendants who exercise their right to go to trial, and also their right to go to the bathroom?

Wait and see, or … wait and watch?

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    Judicial/bail reform. We arrest you you get out no bail Case gets down graded or dismissed and if a jury trial just leave before verdict. No problem just disregard any punishment because you are and were discriminated against and that’s your excuse for being a criminal. We apologize to you for making you a victim. Sorry.

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      Bill Gelin is obsessed with
      Judge Elizabeth Scherer

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    So stop arrest them for being Black and driving cars.

    Or start arresting rich White assholes driving new cars in Weston.

    Drug dogs ready?

    Of course not.

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      Oh give me a break not even black people believe this BS anymore. You get stopped no matter what color you are if you’re committing a crime. How about one of these criminals break into your car or victimize you or your family. Defense Bar; give him the max. You’re such a bunch of hypocrites. Makes me laugh. Live what you preach. Stop living in your gated communities crying racism.

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        Tint? No seatbelt? Busted taillight? Rolling through a stop sign?

        These are crimes that justify stops and searches?

        Why aren’t they pulling assholes in Weston for the same crimes and turning the drug dogs loose on them too?

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    I think you misspelled bathroom break, pee and defecate… they’re spelled “make a break”, “flee” and “evacuate”

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