From a BSO email to Jack Tuter, dated November 17, 2023:

Attached is a spreadsheet listing the statutes that are affected by the changes to Fla. Stat. §903.011, that will go into effect on January 1, 2023. There are almost 900 offenses affected so far. Note that this list only pertains to those offenses that previously had a monetary bond, but will now require a first appearance. The list does not include the additional changes (increases) to the bond amounts for 3F, 1M, and 2M offenses that are anticipated to be adopted by Supreme Court in the coming weeks.


9 thoughts on “900 (AND COUNTING)”

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    Direnzo shouldn’t be permitted within a 10 mile radius of FCF. She is Single-handedly destroying any criminal justice reform that was promised.

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    Who benefits from this aside from the bondsmen? Did they complain that it’s not worth their time to do the paperwork for a 2500 dollar bond? Another example of our lawmakers working for the lobbies and corporate interest. Screw the people over so the bondsmen who fund your political campaigns can get paid…(so they can continue to fund your political campaigns). What an absolute joke of a circle jerk this all is. Fuck this state.

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