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      Does anyone else find it strange that not a single one of the MSM outlets have reported this?
      Would have thought the Sun Sentinel would have at least noticed.

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    A Broward attorney emailed us with the following question. Without naming anyone we are posting this here to make sure they get their answer, and for other defense attorneys who may not know how to do this

    I have a new case that I have to sort out for my client that another lawyer before me handled for a plea on Zoom that went badly.

    It’s on YouTube now, but I can’t figure out how to download it and preserve it like you do. My concern is I will lose it soon if the 17th Circuit deletes it.

    Is there an easy way for me to do it?

    We can’t confirm you actually received our reply so we are sending it again.
    Don’t think you can do this with a phone, you’ll need to us a PC or Laptop.

    Real Player, the free version downloads YouTube videos. You need to leave the window open while downloading or the download will fail.

    Another alternative is a free program called 4K video downloader. With this one you can close the window the video is on and it will continue to download. The only difference between the free and paid version is with the free version, you can only download the first 25 videos from a playlist at a time. If you write a review of the program on some blog and send them a link to it, they will unlock the paid version for free.

    Real Player is usually faster though.

    It’s against YouTube’s terms of use to download videos from their site even though everybody does it and they know it, it would be a good idea to not be logged in to any Google accounts since they own YouTube. We are not aware of anyone losing an account over it but stay safe.

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    I have a cpis under criminal investigation and I need an attorney to represent me in civil court. I have had several news reporters that are freelance interested in the story.

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