Rumor has it the movement AO will be released this afternoon, shortly before a planned vacation for Jack Tuter.

The delay in issuing the order is still unexplained; one theory has it that the chief judge may have been concerned about impending writs to the DCA regarding the denied motions to disqualify concerning Liz Scherer, but as with all the reassignment rumors, this is 100% unconfirmed.

Will the AO finally be released this afternoon?

Wait and see …

12 thoughts on “AFTERNOON AO?”

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    Has Chris Killoran ever won a case in trial? What a joke! Just one more stupid move by Pryor for firing Tim Donnelly. Pryor is a complete failure and his office is an absolute shit show.

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      His office is an absolute shit show. How do you replace Christina Strandell with some heartless dude that doesn’t approve anything. There’s literally no way to get special consideration for defendants with a special set of circumstances. “If I do it for you I have to do it for everyone.” They want to make this as close to painting by numbers as possible. So why even have humans manning these posts. Put the charges into a computer and spit out the sentence. Oh wait that’s already what they do. What happened to not viewing all defendants as a number. You’ve completely tied our hands. Harold do better. You say you’ve given them power to go below guidelines and break stuff down, but either that’s a lie or their supervisors are still telling them they cant. But the responsibility still lies with you to fix it.

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        Donnelly sabotaged, dismissed and lied about most of the public corruption cases brought to him, regardless of and contrary to indisputable evidence, protecting Satz and every other ASA and complicit Satz judge.

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      Luckily the SAO has that nasty beatch DumbyBurger in charge of Conviction review unit:

      DumbyBurger: “Is the Defendant Jewish? Or female? Or Asian?!”

      Atty: “no”

      DumbyBurger: “then fuck him. He’s a racist, anti-Semite”

      Followed by
      Fla. Bar: ” She’s on a Bar grievance cmte., AND a prosecutor, so all good / nothing to see here”

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