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        This county is a joke. Starting with this loon as clerk of court and her brain trust loser managers in charge. Diaz promoted this disaster. Unbelievable

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            They’re both idiots. Joined at the hip. The place is so bizarre and it just shows when you have very little talent, no brains, no other options and no character you’ll do anything to rip off the system and make a buck.

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          Nobody can believe he was promoting this imbecile for clerk. Diaz is overrated as well as the wife. But let’s face it where else can they go and be so overpaid for what little they do. Anyone with any brains left long ago. The place is run by idiots. Taxpayers lose.

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      Broward County Courthouse Poop Shoot …

      I feel safer already when I look at this cocked-up abortive attempt of an engineering marvel.

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    “What they learned is that double U-shaped rebar, called stirrups, were to be placed every 12 inches inside the horizontal beams. Instead, construction workers installed single stirrups of rebar.”

    Sounds great! Surely that only happened in that one spot where they looked.

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      That’s called saving costs it happens all the time down here.
      Who are the contractors? Name and Shame them. Trust me they are at every black tie affair in town wined and dined pocket lined politicians to get the wink wink blind bid for the job. It only cost 300 dollars Bid awarded oops ran into problems extra costs are now $1000. Ok we’ll pay it you did a great job my left pocket needs lining.

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    I look at the caliber of the people in leadership positions in our county and really just don’t feel safe at all about any of this.

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    Trevor M.A. Fisher, P.E., MBA, Director, Broward County Public Works Department was interviewed regarding the latest developments in the ongoing analysis of the structural safety of the west tower of the Broward County judicial complex, and his advice to the hundreds of employees who work in the building each day was that they should not worry, and also that they should be happy.

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    I ho I ho it’s off to work we go I ho I ho.
    Please don’t fall on me
    I bet the person that reported the cracks has been relocated to the latrine cleanup in the governmental building. Permanently removed from the courthouse or more appropriately named poop house.

    Just my 2 cents or 2 sense

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    The Courthouse beam damage is connected to China’s War Balloon (currently over Montana on its return trip to the Mainland). The whole story is being withheld.

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