The below AO applies to in-custody individuals, when MH concerns are raised.

Our understanding is the Order is designed to expedite the evaluation process, which now can take weeks. The MH court professionals can also use their discretion to help get people out of jail when appropriate, and can obviate the need for additional evaluations in some cases, saving a lot of time and money considering the regular division ASA’s de rigeur requests for multiple evaluations in nearly every case …

8 thoughts on “NEW IC MH PROCEDURE”

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    Jose Judge Lee’s JA protected predators like Eddie Sanchez. Tutor puts a judge who adopted and allegedly abused a kid from his division now heads the adoption program?

    Blacks in the box is bad but this is too.

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      sad that no one does anything about this and they look the other way…little white boys are as much victims as those black boys in the box

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        Never forget

        Stop Judge Bowman and the rest of the judicial groomers

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