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      YES! Too many shitty judges got a pass last time because of covid and now another whole bunch will because of open seats. De primo needs an opponent ASAP (literally THE WORST narcissistic egotistical bitch ever-thank god she was moved out of my division)!!

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        That Natasha Deprimo brat (who had the name ‘tasha’ used on the mailers to black voters) even outright LIED on a couple occasions when she was challenged back in 2020 as a County Court judge.

        When all 3 candidates were asked to raise their hands “if they have experience in these areas” and when it was asked: “landlord tenant law experience?” Tasha raised her hand!

        That stupid fake bitch HAS NEVER REPRESENTED A TENANT OR A LANDLORD yet she went ahead and blatantly lied.

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          She is awful. I don’t know a single person who likes her and doesn’t see through her fake persona. Not nice. Not pleasant. Not humble. I hope to god someone runs against her and her ego gets checked.

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      Woo Hoo! Stripclub “I don’t understand the law” Johnny smells another shot at finally landing a stable judicial salary.

      I remember a post sometime back from that lazy NSU grad about “I am filing this week!” But then: crickets chirping.

      Come on John Boy, don’t be so afraid! Just file, bitch! We wanna see your financial statement, loser.

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      Civil attorney. She’s smart and very nice. At least she’s someone who’s not a prosecutor or criminal defense attorney. Nice change. But these elections can shred people. No one’s ever the same after an election. Let the games begin! Good luck to her.

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    Boy this post has a lot of interest. It’s like watching paint dry or sitting through county court calendar call. No interest in any 3 of them.
    How does being a transaction attorney qualify you for judge?
    But then again, what qualifies as qualifications?

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    Is Tuter considering closing the courthouse tomorrow ? It’s supposed to flood downtown again like it did last time.

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    Is the courthouse closed tomorrow due to the weather? Or is everything rescheduled to zoom so everyone can stay in their jamis?
    I’m just asking because if I don’t have to wear the monkey suit, I prefer my fake collar shirt and shorts.
    Just saying

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        To do what? They don’t work on a regular work day!!!!! She’s just letting them bang the hourly time clock. They definitely are not catching up on filing paperwork, because everything now is efile. She’s protecting her hourly wage accounts for her budget. She understands funding and other facets of how government works but, has no leadership or applied intuition to guide the clerks office.
        I just wish she was out on the flooded streets sucking up all the flooded waters just as she has been sucking up the taxpayer dollars at her job.
        Rounding up that maybe 10,000 gallons of water bi weekly.

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          Maybe my last trip to the Clerk’s Office: no one at the general public window so I approached the clerk, she asked are you an attorney? Yes. That’s your window over there. Thanks a pantload Chet.

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