*UPDATE* (4/5) – PB Post, by Jane Musgrave: Judge who received Florida Supreme Court reprimand knows what Marni Bryson faces this week:

“It’s an uncommon charge,” (Gelin) said. “It’s rarely leveled because everyone knows lots and lots of judges don’t show up for work.”

He pointed out that when former Palm Beach County Circuit Judge Jorge Labarga was chief justice of the Supreme Court in 2014, he launched a program to ferret out what was branded “goof-off judges.” …

That the JQC went to those lengths, indicates something else was driving them, Gelin said.

“Either her behavior was so egregious that it even bothered her colleagues or the ongoing controversy about the nude pictures could have heightened scrutiny on her,” he said …

Gelin, who acknowledged that he had problems with Bryson in the past, said he was surprised the JCQ didn’t discipline Bryson more harshly.

The watchdog group could have used Bryson’s absence to “send a message” to other judges that they could be disciplined for not showing up for work.

Still, he said, they may not have wanted to set such a precedent. “That could do real carnage to the judiciary.”


Marni Bryson’s public reprimand is set for April 6th.

In January, she asked to appear by Zoom on February 9th, when her day to hang her head in open court was originally set. That motion, pictured below, was denied, and the matter was reset to April 6th for post-Omicron, in-person punishment.

Today, a mere two days before the hearing, the immediately below motion was filed once again asking for Zoom, or another continuance.

Will the Supreme Court give Bryson what she wants, and allow a Zoom appearance?

Will they reset the matter for a third in-person hearing, and will it be before or after qualifying?

Or will the motion be denied outright?

Stay tuned …

COMING SOONA Kimok for judge? …


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        She’s trying to angle her way out of taking her medicine . Lazy judges continue to be a major problem in many circuits.
        If the JQC wants to have a field day, they should come to Broward where its a constant party day for judges !!!

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    Especially since she had the surgery only days before the reprimand hearing, I would think that the Supremes would want to know not only if it was elective or emergency surgery, but also the type of surgery and the alleged complications. A call to Cleveland Clinic might also be made by them through back channels to see if she really underwent surgery on that date.

    Given that she has lied before (about her work schedule), the Supremes might be disinclined to accept her word for it this time.

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      Reallllly?? This is interesting….county or circuit? She has a decent chance in county.

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    Not really a big deal. She just needs a little push to get her going. Lol !

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      If this was a defendant in any courtroom in the country the “hearing” would be continued. If they grant the continuance then it’s not special treatment. If they deny the continuance then they are treating her different and harsher then they would if she was not a judge.

      Nonetheless, she’ll be publicly reprimanded. This is not interesting or newsworthy at all. Anyone really care if she is reprimanded today or tomorrow?

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        I’d also like to know if it was elective (the dr). Like if it was then maybe the Supremes have a right to be upset. Because once again like with the missed days at work she’s not prioritizing the judgeship and the significance of having violated the sacred canons. If it was an emergency ok. But wouldn’t that have been in her request to move the date? The last thing I say too is it’s not like judges don’t lose patience with certain litigants. All this is important to me if it’s elective surgery.

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