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      Orders go to the Judges first on an email. Then it shows up online hours and hours later. It’s completely stupid. Court Admistration is a disorganized mess. The order should post online as a public record with the same act of pressing ‘send’ when it goes to the judiciary.

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        What the frick is with the ruddy toilet paper in the courthouse? Court Administration needs to pay for some decent toilet paper. Cheapskates must get it at the Dollar Store.

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      BACDL is afraid of Bill, the Board that is made up of mostly past presidents who didn’t want his name on the ballot when I nominated him in the past. They new he was going to win so prior to the final ballot, they voted to remove his name from consideration, and they changed the bylaws I believe because of my nomination. Bunch of hypocrites if you ask me. But then again I think they all know how I felt at the meeting when none of them bothered to speak directly to me. As Boss man would say they can Stick It.

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        But Callahan is known for being basically a kiss ass and a bottom feeder.

        So why would his opinions on here mean shit?

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    Most of BACDL doesn’t have the spine you have, Dan, or your principles. They’re too busy greasing the pole hoping to ink out a living. That includes selling their clients down the creek.
    BACDL has never stood for anything else.

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      All the lousy things that went down here over the years? Couldn’t have happened if Bacdl wasn’t incorporated in it. Bacdl was part of the whole Jim Crow $cam. Cowards.

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    Judges play the lousy BACDL pimps like the squeaky horns they are ! And they fall for it every time. I wouldn’t waste my time contributing to those squeaks …

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