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    Is McCarthy coming back to Crim after the election like last time she was moved to Civil?

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    Broward Circuit Judge Barbara McCarthy made an odd comment near the end of her endorsement interview with the Sun Sentinel Editorial Board.

    “I was told that if I moved to civil, I wouldn’t have any opposition” in the Aug. 30 primary.

    She directed her remark to David Salomon, her opponent for the Circuit Court Group 23 seat who runs his own firm. She appeared to imply he’s reneging on a deal that he would withdraw from the race if she left the criminal division.

    Appointed in 2009, McCarthy, 63, was elected to the six-year seat in 2010. But her tenure has been marred by complaints about her demeanor and performance. In 2015 she was overturned 11 times on appeal.

    David Salomon choice in Broward Circuit Court Group 23
    JUL 26, 2016 AT 10:29 PM


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      100 % true…David said that he would drop out if she went to civil and then refused.

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    With Dennis Bailey and Mccarthy out too leaves only Scherer division. JT has done well.

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    Noooooo….Judge Ledee is our best in Family division. Come on…this is not acceptable. We need more Judges like Judge Ledee. Our family division is in turmoil with all of the changes. We can’t even get timely hearings…don’t take our best away…Ugg…So upset.

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      Judge Ledee is too high and mighty- he thinks it’s the 1950s – good luck criminal defense lawyers he is going to be very pro state IMO – glad to see him leave family

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