Ruby Green, BACDL president, via email earlier today:

I just got off of a zoom meeting with all of the key players. Looks like everything, besides the Clerk office will stay remote until at least the end of July. They are trying to introduce thermo scanning. Now, with the numbers rising…it could be longer. I will keep you up to date. They are testing out mock juries remotely and said that we probably won’t be able to have a jury in the building until at least September, maybe longer. I invited the Clerk to speak at our next meeting on July 6th, so please join us at noon to ask questions!

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    Our next PD taking charge and keeping us informed. Where is Gordo? Nowhere. Go Ruby!!!

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      Poor ruby.

      Just a pawn in watering down the racist vote (i.e. those who vote based only on skin color) and thinking she has a chance at winning.

      Those who at least MAKE PAYMENTS on their student loans

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          Typical racist comment referring to a black woman as a bimbo or chick. Very insensitive Tom

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      You really think Ruby that can’t even manage her own financial situation can be an able administrator? Think again. She’s a joke!
      Almost as big a joke as Gordon Weekes.

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    Probation officer at west tested positive for COVID-19 and the west is still open? Wtf is Brenda bitch ass doing???

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    When you say “poor Ruby” you mean she’s actually poor right? I get it poor people should not run for office. Only rich people should run?
    When you say “go Tom” you mean Retired judge Thomas Lynch who became a judge in 1984 should be the Public Defender? The “Tom” that sent blacks to prison for more double the amount of time than white defendants? Him?

    You think Tom Lynch is suited to represent indigent clients because he knows how to send them to prison? You get that the public defender is supposed to advocate for clients right?

    Just to be sure, maybe READ about why Lynch has no business heading the office tasked with representing poor minorities.
    Read people:
    The registered Democrat was one of the youngest judges in the state when elected to the county bench at 33 in 1984.

    Known as the surfing judge, the Broward native spent time in the 1960s and ’70s as a semi-professional surfer and continued riding the waves after joining the bench.

    Judge Thomas Lynch
    Judge Thomas M. Lynch IV in his Broward courtroom. MIAMI DAILY BUSINESS REVIEW
    But Lynch’s sentencing patterns don’t always fit his surfer persona.

    Since 2004, Lynch handed down an average sentence of 155 days to white defendants across third-degree felonies, an analysis of OBTS data collected by county clerks shows.

    He gave blacks more than double the time.

    Sorry, not sorry, but Broward deserves a better public defender than retired judge Lynch

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    Count me out, Ruby. With the way Forman has screwed up the clerks office, you wouldn’t catch me giving her five minutes of my time.

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      Clearly David Cannady posting about himself because everyone knows what a joke he is.

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