*UPDATE* – Sample Docket entry:

By Ken Hassett:

Earlier today I attended a Zoom Bench & Bar meeting that included Broward Chief Judge Jack Tuter. Please be advised that I only type with two fingers so take the following with a grain of salt, including some of my own conclusions. Here are some of the highlights of what was discussed regarding criminal cases:

  • Possible Zoom Jury Trials in the future
  • Civil trials will take a back seat to the in custody criminal cases
  • Broward Juvenile Detention center is closed (Kids moved to Dade?)
  • Bond Hearings are on Zoom every day I believe this is the link
    Meeting ID: 620 446 048
  • The release Motion/Hearings (discussed in prior emails) are still taking place
  • No regular court hearings until after 5/29/2020
  • If you file a NOH to notice someone of a Zoom hearing, do not use the courthouse address on the notice, place the Zoom information on the notice so people do not appear at the courthouse.
  • Questions about the 17th Judicial circuit or about scheduling a hearing? or Click here for Online Scheduling system help. For any technical problems you can e-mail the type of the problem to, Include attorneys Florida Bar Member Number in all correspondence.
  • Judge Tuter advised that we should not be back in the courthouse until it is safe. He did not seem to be in favor of future in person court hearings where everyone has to wear a mask. My take on his statements is that we will be on this Zoom thing for quite a while. At one point he discussed jurors. What would we do, issue 300 masks per day to jurors?
    He did not seem to be in favor of that idea at all. (My opinion)
  • He spoke about a private attorney misdemeanor plea docket that will probably be up and running in a few weeks via Zoom.
  • There are no rules yet for Zoom depos – Stay tuned
  • All but essential employees have been sent home from the clerk’s office. Remember, their budget is determined by their revenue from collecting fines & costs. Obviously, they are collecting next to nothing at this point.
  • DV Injunctions are still taking place. Petitioners still go to the courthouse to obtain TRO (I’m pretty sure they can do this online ahead of time Judge’s Kaplan & Moon are making every attempt to hold the 15 day hearings via Zoom.
  • Don’t send Judges snail mail. They are not going to receive it.
  • Each Judge should now have a Zoom link here:
  • It is unknown at this point whether the Landlord/Tenant issue will be continued beyond 5/29/2020
  • The new Federal Courthouse in Broward has 4 potential sites. I’m pretty sure they narrowed it down to two. One next to the main Broward jail and one across the street from the Broward Bar. 2021 possible groundbreak.

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    Zoom jury trials. No way. How about probation. Check in via zoom also. How about DNA samples after plea.

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    Civil trial;s take a back seat. Doest that mean the Civil Judges will lend a hand? When them and The County ones are nowhere to be found when there isn’t a Virus?

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    The way we deal with criminals takes too long. I stopped repping em years ago. Y’all just drag it out till yer paid right? It’s cool but they need to stop clogging up the courts. Criminals need to all plea quick without the pretend defense many of the local bar offer. It’s cheaper and we’re being honest there’s nada y’all do after they confess etc.

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      There ain’t no real State here. That works in the real world. Clear the crud quick and focus on the bad guys. Not here. They want a medal for getting the people out now in a virus who shouldn’t been in to start.

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        Yup. Exactly. Why we messin’ with non-violent misdemeanors? Because you wimps allow Private jails & prisons. I’m not trying to offend ex public defenders or guys making a buck on DUI. Why not. But in a perfect world let em plea or trial. With no depos. More guarantees of no jail in exchange for trial by judge. Bring back Lightning Larry Seidlin. He’d clear this mess up in about 22 1/2 minutes beeeeyyyyaaaattttccchhhes. Lol.

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    Do you think the economy will boom again once the coronavirus blows over?

    Bob Smith, Advisor and Academic (2000-present)

    I’m a professional economist with a doctorate in the subject, and 25 years experience in the UN, Wall Street and academia. So I’m qualified to answer this.

    I think we have another 9/11 on our hands. What does that mean?

    Remember those wonderful days of the 1990s? You didn’t really need passwords. Everything was open…and growing. Then that stupid 9/11 happened. Aside from the obvious, it has continued to inconvenience us to this day. Gone are the big investments in better technologies (and Windows XP still remains the summit of our tech prowess). Gone is good Skype, and ‘lectures should be public.’ Suddenly, everything is all locks.

    All paranoia. All the time.

    Ignoring airports, we saw huge spending on economically unproductive activities. Security everywhere. Every bag checked. ‘Ideally’ (for law enforcement, but not for us) every email checked. Lanyards for all…tap-security cards for doors that never needed locks before (and still don’t). Local police armed up…and instituted fine-raising activities aimed at paying for the new ‘services.’

    A whole generation will never know what it’s like to pick the library lock with a paper clip, drink cider and play nude hide-and-seek after closing, in the dark. Or rock up to the airport 20 minutes before departure, check in baggage, and still have time to steal a final kiss from one’s loved one before being ‘that guy’ who everyone had to wait for for (come on, it was only a couple of minutes!).

    9/11 portended the end of a beautiful expansion. No more globalization. No more just picking up and living/working in tropical places that needed your rare skills…and were willing to pay dearly for them. No more thinking that, if worse came to worst, you could still live out your life in exile from the land seeking you for the crime you didn’t do or accidently did. No more banking with your 12345 password. The

    Kondratiev wave had crest(ed)…. (there a name for the 50 year and 25 year version of these waves, which I now forget).

    A post-Covid world means more of the same. More baggage checks we dont want or need. More “security spectacles” – where law enforcement will now don scrubs and hand sanitizer everywhere. You know that hand-sanitizers-placed-everywhere is here to stay. Just like the locks from 9/11.

    The boom is…yet to appear, and very, very over.

    Yet to appear – because we will see a dead cat bounce. Medical companies will flog their wares. Checks and diagnostics. Just like the public and private security guards, companies, and agencies flourished after 9/11. The lawsuits against China have already started (how many remember the calls for the Saudis to pay for the bin Laden crimes?). History repeats itself…one self-similar, fractal turn at a time. Growth is always easier from a lower base. My shares lost 50% of their value. But when they recover, it will be an 100% gain.

    Very, very over – because we have a world of Windows 98 and 9/10 to look forward to. Crappy pop-ups we can’t control on iPads we can’t control…because ‘it’s easier.’ I click ‘inspect element’ on my laptop…to remove the ads, and my students look at me like I have just cast some secret spell. We continue our descent into learned helplessness. Do you think the face masks will all just go away?

    We have a world of corona bonds and ‘never since World War II’ to look forward to. A world of banned concerts and uncrowded classrooms. A world of…transactions costs.

    Economists loathe transactions costs. We deplore them with every fiber of our being…because a ‘distortion’ of $5 causes $500 in economic damage (or in our language, the costs imposed by Harberger Triangles are squared when drawn on a the 2-dimensional page, but grow n-fold in the n-dimensions of our real economies).

    Network economics also mean each extra person added squares the value of the whole network. Add a health check before entering each office…and you’ve crippled that exponential power to grow.

    The economy will boom. But there will be little sparkle. Little bang in the boom. We will add a class of health inspectors and controllers to supplement the law enforcement and security analysts. We will have a world of pandemic insurance which makes everything more expensive. And planning…for the terrorist or viral vector that we (hopefully) shan’t see again. A world of “are you sure you want to download/touch that?” A world without wonder.

    The boom will be more concentration and far less fun. A world where it’s easier to have strip mall fast food chains, than the cooking of 1,000 grandmothers who made far yummier fare in their own home-y establishments.

    It’s FAR easier to ensure compliance with the raft of new health regulations by 20 mega-chains, than 500,000 independent family restaurants. And to lock-down 5 local hospital conglomerates per city…than 500 family doctors per city, who know your name, and remember the day you were born.

    It will be a boom in asset prices (to be VERY sure). Equity prices have already fleetingly sought higher ground…and will do so every time old men utter the words…quantitative easing. These lead to rising housing prices, and more people living like “rabbits in their cages” (to quote a French minister). Boom! You’re out on the street. Boom! Your savings are gone. Boom! Your insurance premiums have gone up…again. Boom!

    The economy WILL boom. But it won’t be a boon, for millions in the middle and lower classes. For us, we can look forward to more mixed-use developments which keep us living in concentrations… where security guards can monitor us via 24 security cameras…ensuring compliance with the health code of the month. For us, the economy will go on with a whimper more than a boom.

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    The gross salary of a County or Circuit Judge over the course of 6 years, including benefits, is in excess of a million dollars.
    Have you run out of criminal cases? No hearings? No new clients?
    Run for Judge
    Are you a family lawyer whose business has dried up?
    Run for Judge (The Family and Dependency Judges have raised little to nothing.)
    Civil lawyer/PI lawyer, insurance companies are not settling claims anytime soon so
    Run for Judge
    * Filing fee to run for Judge is a hair under 7k, so many of the Judges below at the moment have to self fund that amount and more if they didn’t raise money until now.
    ** Total below are net amounts reflecting cash on hand
    Bober- $3500
    Orlando- $11,500
    Bailey- $5700
    Shulman – $25000
    Henning – $3500
    Davis – $86,000
    Ledee- $114,000
    Bowman- $10,500
    Scherer – $23,350
    Dale Cohen – 0
    Siegel – 0
    Murphy – 0
    Holden $38,900
    Tarlika Navarro 190k
    Kaplan 0
    Bidwill $8400
    Tuter $6500
    Feld $31000
    Pole 90,000
    Francois $57000
    DePremo $160,0000
    So who will gamble $6k+ to campaign during a time where the incumbency means nothing? Doubtful there will be many in-person forums or public events to meet and greet candidates. Never in the history of judicial elections has the playing field been so level.
    How to rank em
    1) Gender, women still beat men more than not.
    2) Name game- Hispanic and Haitian names= vulnerable, the amount of money they have is irrelevant.
    1) How much money do they have and can they self-fund if needed?
    2) Who appointed them. Not a good time to be a Scott or DeSantis judicial appointee.
    3) Who has run and won? Novice candidates (only if they have run in the last decade) are more vulnerable.
    4) Prior scandals….adopting a kid in dependency court whose case you presided over and later the kid accused you of wrongdoing.

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      Navarro is a sitting duck. But has 190k scaring away the poachers. She’s appointed by Guv’nah. Somehow made a bunch of money. A Saint Thomas graduate & 35. Yeah she’s kinda pretty but she us not well liked in the courthouse. Only 10k will actually vote on judges so popularity in the courthouse matters for judges. At least 2000 courthouse votes. (Now tell me why no one can beat Brenda? Y’all suck.) 😂

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        Where’s Navarro’s financials? Interesting. Not yet posted. Is it all in the kitty for show?

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      Holden, Bidwill, Tuter and Hunter Davis are vulnerable to a living breathing vagina

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    Do we really have to say the obvious!?

    You can’t effectively build rapport with jurors on zoom.

    How the fuck do you know they’re paying attention and not on their phone or on another window?

    How the fuck do you introduce evidence!? Or inspect it!?

    How the fuck do you use demonstrative aids, demonstrations, or pass physical objects to the jury!?

    How the fuck do you effectively cross/examine someone?

    How the fuck do you enforce sequestration of witnesses?

    Voir dire, opening, questioning of witnesses, closing, would all be a joke.

    Comon seriously!?

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