My, that’s a big one …

Attorney Joe Titone took a trip from the courthouse scanner to jail today, after being accused of forgetting to take a gun out of his bag before hitting courthouse property. Titone is, of course, Adam Sandler‘s father-in-law, but any stay in jail, even the remarkably short one (by Broward standards) of a few hours suffered by Titone, is no laughing matter.

Read all about Titone’s colorful history over at BrowardBeat.com, and, we’re sure, later this evening in the mainstream media …

COMING SOON – FlipFlop! 9-0 for Tuter (or “77 more to go” … ); New Websites coming: 17thcircuit.com, Browardjudge.com, Browardjudges.com, 4thdca.com.

*UPDATE* – SS: Adam Sandler’s father-in-law arrested with gun in bag at Broward courthouse

12 thoughts on “BUSTED!”

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    “A state House member from 1982-1988, Titone was disbarred after being convicted of charging twice for representing a defendant and then lying about it.”

    The coverup is always worse than the crime.

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    They’ll drop it. Lawyers get special privileges on these. Like on speeding tickets when the Copper says he can’t remember nothing at Court while remembering the other 40 tickets he’s there for. Some poor Black man would get felonies on this. Broward sucks.

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    Its not that big of a deal. LONG LIVE OUR 2ND AMENDMENT! And plus, if the filthy cops get to carry guns in the courthouse, and the filthy judges get to carry guns, then why shouldn’t lawyers!?!? Ridiculous.

    Also, this mishap could happen to anyone, its an honest mistake. Free the man and don’t charge him.

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