Harold Pryor, yesterday afternoon, has reportedly granted felony leads and 2nds discretion to resolve their cases as they see fit.

The days of scrambling to a supervisor on nearly every case scoring out to prison are apparently over in Broward County …


16 thoughts on “DISCRETION!”

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      Gelin’s playlist Discretion :
      One man’s treasure is
      another man’s trash.

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    I agree. Will believe it when I see it. If true, it’s about time. Let’s see if the line ASA’s are brave enough to use their discretion. If true it’s a step in the right direction.

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    4 years of college. 3 years of law school. You make it through county court. Possibly juvi for a bit. You get promoted from handling 3rd degree felonies and now, finally now, you have some discretion in handling your cases.

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        He should have been in prison a long time ago, but prosecutors don’t prosecute themselves for the crimes they commit and direct their subs to commit.

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