*UPDATE* – Is the cafe closure due to a building related issue?

That’s the rumor.

Of course, transparency concerns are once again at play, so please post a comment if you have any additional information.

The following emails were sent after our initial post this morning, and have yet to be returned as of 11:43 AM:

10:45 AM email to Building Manager Brenda Kirk:

Is this is a building related issue?

9:03 AM email to Brenda Kirk:

(C)alling back to get the name and number of the supervisor you mentioned (we) needed to speak with to find out whether or not the cafe closure is Health Department related …


It’s bring your own coffee week at the central courthouse:

Brenda Kirk, when asked moments ago whether or not the issue is Health Department related, stated she could not speak on that issue, and directed us to contact her supervisor …

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    The usual pass the buck issue with Broward Courts. Who is her supervisor? Is that Tuter ?
    I’ll get to the bottom of this this morning and report back. We have every right to know if this is an issue involving public health.

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    Probably has something to do with the water. The water smells very bad in all the restrooms too. When you wash your hands it smells like sewer water.
    If somebody gets sick from it they’re going to have a real problems.

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    The boys love the water, makes them naughty….

    Stop judicial groomers and their courtiers

    Protect our kids

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    On Friday they were 3 people in the cafeteria at 5.00 pm all with hazardous white outfits cleaning.

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    Come on Billy. Say something stupid which is your style. Every post is from you except a very few. You are a joke and a clown. Now it is clear you are a racist. The people voted and Ms. Forman was elected. And if you take a look she is doing a good job by sounding herself with people who know what to do. Backman was ok as a judge but that is history. He has no experience running a clerks office. Also, the people voted and re-elected Judge Diaz many times. You are reduced to the court jester of Broward County.

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      Brenda doing a great job?! You know this is Diaz!
      Put a D next to a pepsi can in broward and watch it get elected. Same with having your name on democrat palm cards like Diaz has done. So don’t brag about getting re-elected. Look at the other losers that get elected simply by having a D by their name. Means nothing.

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      As a private person filing a statement of claim never knew the clerks office asked how much ru suing for specific dollar and who are you and what supporting docs do you have as poa to file this action. Are they clerks or judges. Filing fees and allegations about dollar amount are only for just that how much to charge filing and if you are in the proper court. Wtf. Teach the supervisors to know their job and not spout “not on my watch”. (Whitey under her breath). Lol
      I’ll say this, a little racism in the clerks office. White employees intimidated and white citizens tried to be intimidated.

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        That’s just the tip of the iceberg too. She’s incompetent and paranoid as is obvious in her Facebook rants. Many talented people who could retire early or get other jobs have left. She hires people and promotes based on her own warped criteria that has nothing to do with experience and ability.

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                      [JERRY and ELAINE walking down the street. ELAINE is carrying two

                      plastic grocery bags and one big paper grocery bag. JERRY is carrying

                      none and is pretending to not notice the discrepancy.]


                      Good shave today..


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                      Can we rest here a second.


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                      .. So how’s Noreen?

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