The following PRR concerning staffing was sent earlier today. The Clerk’s response is below.

We also are working on trying to straighten out the 1% pay raise issue discussed in the comments, but the responses to our questions will take some time to digest and analyze.

Additionally, we’ve got an Antonio Brown PRR brewing with the SAO, so stay tuned.

Here is the PRR and answer re Clerk’s staffing, which seems to indicate good news is coming …

17 thoughts on “CLERK’S STAFFING UPDATE”

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    Yeah Dennis I dont think this is the best time to start emailing everyone about your website

    ———- Forwarded message ———
    From: Dennis Bailey
    Date: Mon, Mar 23, 2020 at 11:41 AM

    Long ago, the Doors sang, “Strange days have found us; strange days have tracked us down.” As we all hunker down into our new social-distancing lifestyles, one of the many, many areas affected is how any political campaign is conducted. We hope we can return to normalcy soon, and so we still have an event scheduled for April. However, the current evening news does not support our confidence.

    Our website offers you more insights into who Judge Dennis Bailey is both inside and outside the courthouse, and we’d love to share that information with you. Visit our website,, and join us in our effort to retain the incumbent Judge Bailey for his second term. Please support this very important campaign, notwithstanding the current restrictions on meeting candidates personally.

    An online campaign imposes greater demands on funding than open speaking opportunities, and so we need your help now more than ever.

    Thank you, and please keep yourself and those close to you safe and healthy.

    Political advertisement paid for and approved by
    Judge Bailey, non-partisan candidate for
    Broward County Circuit Court Judge, Group 16

    This solicitation for campaign contributions is made by a Committee of Responsible Person to ReElect Judge Bailey for Broward County Circuit Court Judge. The maximum contribution under Florida law is $1,000 per individual and/or corporation.

    Please make all checks payable to:
    Re-Elect Judge Bailey 2020
    3350 SW 148th Avenue, Suite 110

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        Yes they are supposed to use a committee….looks like another visit to the JQC for Dennis

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    I wouldn’t vote for this idiot if he was the only one running in that judicial race. To email people at this point when everyone is on lockdown due to the CARONA VIRUS shows just what an insecure, insensitive asshole he really is. This is the same Broward Judge that was just reprimanded by the Fla. Supreme Court for making insulting, insensitive statements from the bench.
    He’s just another loser Broward Judge that needs to get the boot out of office toot sweet. He failed in private practice along with his butt-buddy Anthony Loe, and he’s failed again as a self-absorbed dimwit that has no place sitting as a judge anywhere.

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