Stakeholders have been apprised of how coupons will be distributed. This information is for PA’s. Remember, the service is available for a low fee anyway, but coupons can be picked up at BSO’s Video Visitation Center for anyone looking to save a few dollars. It’s believed the first thirty minutes is $5.00.

There are 600 coupons reserved for PA’s, to be allotted three per IC client per week, on the theory three jail visits for one client per week is sufficient. Just show the BSO people at pickup how many IC’s you have, and get your tickets. If they run out, more will be distributed soon. Coupons are specific to where an inmate is housed.

MORE GOOD NEWS – this service may be something made available full-time after the crisis passes, for the regular small fee. Obviously the vendor would love it, and so would most lawyers looking to quickly communicate some information or have a question answered, so definitely wait and see …