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    Sunday, September 01, 2019
    Hello this is Rumpole. I have put aside for the moment the arrogant, royal persona that our readers find so maddening yet endearing. The “smarter than you” posts and comments , although we are in fact smarter than 99.9% of you (no one said this was going to be easy).

    Hurricane Dorian is a massive, dangerous storm. Hurricanes are very unpredictable. If you Google hurricane paths, you will see storms stopping and doubling back on themselves. Hurricanes wobble as they approach land and they can veer fifty miles north or south in the blink of an eye-wall.

    Because of our anxiety, there is a natural fixation on the hurricane paths and cones, and relief when the cone shifts so that we appear to be out of danger. Make no mistake that until this storm dissipates, we in South Florida are not out of danger, cone or no cone.

    The email from Broward County announcing that court will open on Tuesday was complete folly. The storm has slowed, and by Tuesday, at best, 50-100 mile winds could well be hitting Ft. Lauderdale. Not exactly the type of weather lawyers and clients should be out in. We are hopeful they will rescind that order. But being Broward, they are as unpredictable as hurricanes.

    Many of us can still vividly remember the feelings of being huddled in a closet and watching our roof fly away as Andrew slammed into South Dade. And recall that days before Andrew hit, it was predicted to strike North Broward.

    So please, listen to us. Continue your preparation. Put up your shutters, or take your family and leave for a few days. Have water and some dry food and candles and a battery operated radio ready to go,
    We want Dorian to miss us. We see the cone shift and we immediately relax. But last night (Saturday-Sunday) the cone shifted south again. In the last three days the south end of the cone has gone from covering the middle keys to being on the Dade Broward border.

    We are not in the clear and we will not know for sure until the storm misses us and dissipates.
    Until then, please stay safe.
    We like having a lot of readers.

    Your obt. svt.
    H. Rumpole, Esq. Blog Proprietor.


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      I find it inconceivable that a chief judge flip-flops on whether the courthouse should remain open when this kind of storm threat is so eminent. Its part of the reason we’ve got so many whacked out judges in Broward behaving the way they do. This duffis needs to step down and let somebody else take the role of leadership. Very disconcerting.

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      Ms. Vegina Hawkins, head of the 17th Complaint Department warns everyone not to show up on Tuesday or she will be angry, very angry, like the Hulk, you don’t want to deal with her when she is angry.

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    Tuter: you stupid, lame dumb ass

    What?! So you’re saying the courthouse would otherwise be open during a tropical storm?

    Closed, then Open, then Closed again?!

    Bottom line – you bungled this thing so badly changing your mind so often when hundreds of people are making plans for themselves and their familes. Please step aside and, just retire already.

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    Courthouse closure to be reevaluated if Dorian continues to threaten to drizzle on Georgia or South Carolina.

    Update at 8:29 am Tuesday. Be prepared to be in court at 8:30 if court is reinstated.

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    Wait, wait, I’m not just going to take over because Howard says so? Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

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    Howard makes complaints in the press and is celebrated as a champion. Gordon makes complaints through the press and no one even takes notice.

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    No, it is not about racism, it is about incompetency, stupidity, and arrogance. Not necessarily in that order of course.

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    How many Judges stayed in town in case they were needed to work in shelters or fill sandbags?

    How many split town?

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