The courthouse is abuzz with an unfortunate incident yesterday afternoon in Susan Alspector’s domestic violence division.

We’re told there was a sentencing to be held after ASA Andy Newman had secured a guilty verdict a few months ago against Albert Narvaez on multiple charges, including Attempted Murder (1st Degree/Firearm).  Before Alspector took the bench, the Defendant asked to use the restroom, and upon returning to the courtroom, broke free of the guards, ran up to the SAO table where Newman was seated, and allegedly doused him with urine from what appeared to be a bottle.  It was anything but pretty, and the sentencing was set off while BSO processed the scene for potential criminal charges.  It’s all captured on bodycam, and stills should hopefully become available soon.

When reached for comment, the well-respected and affable Newman had this to say:

“Things happen and I’m not looking to blame anybody,  but it was a very unfortunate situation.”

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    He must know he’s catching life and wants to stay in the county lockup for the next couple years after sentencing. Here comes the pro se It was Mountain Dew defense.

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    Seriously? A bottle? After Resiles? A man hanging himself on suicide watch? Women birthing babies alone? What is going on?

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    Maybe the Defendant wasn’t pleased with his offer considering how lenient Andy was with the sentence for the guy who recently shot 3 people in Coconut Creek…oops that hasn’t come out yet.

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    The Prosecutor got away easy. The louse could have hit him with his dirty jizz rag instead of his whizz bottle. It gets real lonely in there with loads of time to kill.

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    Why in the world would he have been allowed to have a bottle and carry it back into the courtroom?
    Security in Broward Courtrooms is a farce. The last dude actually escaped from the Courthouse and they wouldn’t have even found him if he hadn’t turned himself in after two weeks of being on the run.
    But it starts at the top. Tuter hasn’t shown much talent or desire to clean up the Judges’ acts so this comes as no surprise.

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      How did he get bottle in to court? Sure a female inmate I know where its concealed but him?

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    I speculate that the rather flip comments concerning the incident would be the same if the convicted dirtbag defendant had done the same thing to defense counsel. Yes, BSO needs to conduct an internal investigation and if warranted discipline personnel. The greater issue for ASA’s is that unfortunately you’re responsible for your own personal safety and if you’re not aware of the surroundings things can happen which can impact your safety and your health. I can only hope the ASA has been checked out for health concerns and that additional charge(s) if appropriate will be filed,

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      What a stupid ass thing to say that we’re responsible for our safety and need to be aware of our surroundings. BSO is supposed to be responsible for the safety of everyone in the courtroom. How the hell this guy gets a bottle into the courtroom is all on BSO. These latest remarks come from the same guy who defended Satz double dippers

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      we ALL know about how BOSO conducts internal investigation of BOSOs conduct and lack thereof, in horrific events. hahahahahahahahahaha– they all got what they invited and deserved, and sooooooooooooooooo much more. BTW, do they still store sheriff Nikki’s crack in the basement of the Courthouse?

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    I remember the time an IC ripped open his colostomy bag and spread the contents. Judge Porter kept her cool saying something like “you’re nasty” until it was under control. There was a courtroom switchout after that I think I remember happening until it was all haz matted properly.

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      ah, nothing to see here folks. everything is under control.

      so a murderer that was supposed to be held no bond was released and some inmate gave birth while we ignored her cries for help and a kid who had just been returned to the jail after being baker acted hung himself and a prisoner was able to smuggle a bottle of piss into court – MINOR HICCUPS PEOPLE.
      I am proud to report NONE of these security issues involved unauthorized shoes, so my shoe policy is clearly working keeping everything safe and orderly.

      move along.

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      Those heroes of WWII had to save the world from tyranny to gain the fifth star; Tony had only to order them on Amazon.

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      Tony’s solid….
      Scott Israel’s chroney’s permeates the corridors.
      Tony will fix this.
      PBA needs to get real about who and what they are fighting for.

      The PBA and Tony need to clear out the dead weight without obstructions from unions. Its in Broward’s PBA’s best interest to work with Tony, to repair public perceptions of BSO under the command of Scott Israel, and the clowns he placed to resist positive changes.

      Sheriff Tony’s up the middle approach in these changes is the only hope The BSO has for at least a meaningful recovery for the stupidity of Tony’s predecessors. , and certainly positive change were, and are still needed.
      Dead weight has PBA rights too.
      Reasonable cause needed for terminations.

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    Was the specimen still warm or was it left behind by another inmate in a prearranged hit a la The Godfather?

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    It would seem the sheriff hasn’t solved his security issues since the great escape a couple of years ago. Yeah, just shackle them, that’s good enough.

    Good thing he didn’t find something to get out of the handcuffs with in the bathroom.

    Why wasn’t he being watched in the bathroom?
    Lazy deputies.

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    This is on BSO’s bailiffs all the way, they are extremely lazy and lax as far as security in the courtrooms go. All they do is either sleep or play games on their cellphones instead of being aware of what is going on, how much longer do with have to put up with these useless bailiffs. They need to GO and the sooner the better.

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      The jail deputies are the ones to blame. I know many (not all by any means) court deputies that do a phenomenal job. They keep order. Just take a look at the jail deputies during court. They are sitting there playing on their phones instead of paying attention. The court deputy is usually left dealing with the inmates, the gallery, and the lawyers. Lazy jail Deps.

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    That’s cheating. Scumbag needs to piss not toss it. Wtf up with sheriff & courthouse guys supposed to know these guys get crazy at conviction? They don’t check em coming into a felony trial? Judges are lucky they ain’t been hit much. But they seem to defer to bailiffs in Broward unlike other counties. Sad. Judges fault really.

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