44 thoughts on “CLOSED!”

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        Tuter should be apologizing for the deplorable state of our circuit. He’s the one responsible for it with his lack of leadership skills. The guy is an embarrassment.

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      Post of the year

      Schools are closed?.your problem breeder. I made it in at 430am

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    That can’t be his car. It doesn’t have his name and title emblazoned on the sides.

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      Flip or flop ain’t the question. The question is why this circuit puts up with a fop as CJ.
      What a clown Tuter is.

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    Unfortunately, most of the employees were already on the road by the time he changed his mind. Such awesome leadership.

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    When all of the roads were flooded after work yesterday, was there any reasonable expectation that they would be clear in the morning? While it was expected to continue raining through the night?

    WTF is the decision process??
    Flip a coin? Eeny, meeny, miny, moe?

    Usually the courthouse does what the schools do. But this time? What happened?

    “No! We’re not closing! Magic 8 ball says Outlook Good!”

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    The poof bars in WIlton Manors close at 4:00.
    Wonder why he was out at 4:30 and couldn’t make up his mind ? Wonder no more. This guy is a regular chump!

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    Why isn’t a policy. School closed, court closed. People have children at home to care. Why not simple policy.

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    Please PLEASE tell us the magic route you took at 4:30am that was not flooded. We need to know for future reference. It’s only fair that you let us in on the secret high and dry path.

    Thank you,
    The employees

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    Jack Tutor is a clown. His abject ignorance, arrogance and stupidity put peoples lives in danger today.

    Hey clown ever heard of FDOT

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