Or so we think.

Read the Supreme Court order and press release here …

From the press release:

TALLAHASSEE – Due to COVID-19, most face-to-face legal proceedings in the state courts will be suspended for a minimum of two weeks under a statewide order issued Friday by Florida Chief Justice Charles Canady. The order takes effect Monday.

Instead, Canady authorized local judges to use remote electronic means of conducting legal proceedings whenever possible. The order will be extended or modified as needed in the future and is subject to existing constitutional requirements.

This is the first time a limit on face-to-face proceedings has been ordered since Florida’s state courts system was unified by a constitutional amendment approved by state voters in 1972.


SS – Broward shuts down jury duty/SCT says no to “face to face” hearings

4 thoughts on “CLOSURE!”

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    Poorly written order. It says face-to-face in the release but the Order addresses only stuff with jurors.
    Does that mean court staff gets to still rub noses with the full docks of people in courtrooms?

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    So Tooty is coming to his senses? It takes a call from the Governors office to straighten out once again the mess in Broward? What’s with the dimwit judges in Broward? Tuter needs to step aside and let this be handled by someone who is capable. He’s messed up so many times since becoming Chief Clown in this freak show it’s embarrassing. Its obvious he just doesn’t have what it takes to manage a Easter egg hunt, let alone a circuit that suffers from amnesia.

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      Seriously? The Governor saw his silly order about ethnic groups? Called to close the courthouse?

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