8 thoughts on “TRIALS SUSPENDED!”

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    So what do I do with all these “My wife came back yesterday from Milan and all I got is this lousy T-Shirt and a runny nose” shirts that I was going to sell on the Courthouse steps next week?

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    As this Covid-19 continues to spread unabated Broward Courts will shut down like other State Courts. Judge Tuter is handling this matter very poorly leading to further confusion on this matter.

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    He should consult Jaab before issuing proclamations. Whomever else he consults (if anyone) doesn’t do well. With Howard Finkelstein and Mike Satz gone Jaab is the only one getting it right.

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    Like anyone on jury duty will appear anyway.
    Somebody should tell Tuter he’s not General Patton.
    We would have lost the war.

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